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Regardless of the size of an organization, creativity plays a vital role in its development and survival in the market. Thus, start-ups often grow out of the need for creativity, and they use it to get more attention spending less money. It is also evident that keeping brand relevant in hearts and minds of generations requires enormous creativity.

Creativity and big data

It is important to maintain creativity in the world of big data, when all the information is instantly available. Big data, in fact, helps companies to get a better result quicker. Yet, it also remains crucial to communicate with the customers using creative messages and appealing to their needs in a creative way with capturing content.

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Creativity along with big data constitute an integral part of digital marketing. The data ensures accurate and fast analysis; creativity helps to create appealing and interesting content, whereas digital component is a means of communicating a company’s message. Therefore, creative solutions are required to apply the data.

Creativity and failure

Creativity and failure are closely interconnected since there is no innovation once one takes the same route and does not change the patterns of thinking. Yet, both large corporations and small startups tend to create safe environment to test their ideas first, without taking high risk. It is also a striking idea that the failure can be not actually seen as such. Once a company learns from it, it evolves because of the failure. Failures also occur due to the fact that there is something more important for the company at the moment.

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Another interesting idea voiced in the video is the fact that it is not considered a failure once a company has not set specific expectations beforehand as to what it is going to accomplish. Yet, it is important to realize the objective of an idea development since if the company is not able to see the goal, the idea should not be implemented at all.

Creativity, effectiveness and professionalism

In order to survive in business, one has to balance creativity with the effectiveness. In addition, it is vital to be able to communicate the idea and support it with evidence. Finally, one has to be consistent with what they do or say.

Diversity promotes creativity as people who have different world experience see things from different perspectives and working in a team, they tend to generate innovative solutions. Yet, it is important that the team members keep balance between professionalism and creativity.

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One example of creativity combined with practice is having a ready-made story for job interview, which describes your personality in the way that an employer expects. Even though the story is prepared beforehand, it is the story the applicant knows works well, which is why it is so valuable. Hence, simply being creative in the marketing is not enough; however, being creative in a particular context is crucial. Taking something that is really information-driven and turning it into something more consumable and understandable to people is the opportunity to win customers and have success in business.

Design thinking and brainstorming

It is essential to design the environment for disruption and change. Implementing design thinking can be helpful in forcing the creativity, as well as collaboration to generate innovative ideas. Fostering ecosystem of entrepreneurs is vital because they are the source of all the innovations the market witnesses.

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Brainstorming means being a good listener and having an open mind. It does not mean singling out the ideas, but rather providing the meeting with as many ideas as possible. Brainstorming can be both formal and informal. Thus, it is important to capture the ideas and get them into the process since the ideas can actually come out of nowhere.


Being creative means being naturally curious. Creativity combined with big data and balanced with professionalism can result in great achievements. Nevertheless, one should remember to be open-minded, as well as to not be afraid of failure as it is a source of learning.

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