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Cardinal Health

In my current study of the medical field I opt to create a merge between the Cardinal Health Company and the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company and ensuring if the merge between these pharmaceutical companies would facilitate and maintain the good medical attention to the people in the entire world. The reason that I have chosen Hospira is because the company is a global medication and pharmaceutical company that at the same time provides solutions aimed at helping the Productivity, Safety and Effective health care to the patients (McDonald, 2006). This is one key reason that has made it efficient for me to pick it as a company that I would want my company to merge with it this is because both the companies share and have the same mission and vision and they also deal with the same products and aspects in the medical field.

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The other reason that I would also want to merge with the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company is to make the Cardinal Health Company more and more competitive in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Hence, by this merger my company will be in a position of acquiring the best technicians, scientists and equipments from there merger with the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company. This will eventually result to the company becoming cost effective and more competitive in the medical and pharmaceutical company in the worlds pharmaceutical company market this is when the company wants to maintain or even increase it market of the organization to become more dominant in the pharmaceutical department as it wasn't in the past. This would eventually result the company to acquire more customers and clients in the medical department. Thus the Cardinal Health Company has to maintain its dominance in the market as a way of ensuring that it succeeds in the pharmaceutical field .

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Financing Take Over

There are several ways that I can use in order to ensure that the Cardinal Health Company has full acquisition rights for the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company this is the only way that the Cardinal Health Company will dominate the pharmaceutical market and also extend its customers and distribution of the products to there esteem clients and patients.
Cardinal Health Company would be in a position of acquiring the entire Hospira Pharmaceutical Company this is when the Cardinal Health Company decides to sell its IPO's, this will eventually increase the numbers of investors either locally or internationally, and large and small investors that will be interested in the companies activities.

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The sale of the IPO's will definitely result to the company to have the adequate funds that will be necessary for the organization to fulfill its acquisition plans this funds will they be used by the Cardinal Health Company management team to purchase Hospira Pharmaceutical Company. At the same time absorb its workers and facilities this will make it easy for the organization to achieve the needs of the organization this includes the need of the company to provide its customers with the most effective services and products.

The other way in which I can finance the Cardinal Health Company to fully take over the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company is thorough the Fixed-Shares Stock this is where the buying company which in this case is the (Cardinal Health Company) will fix its shares with the number of the sellers shares (Hospira Pharmaceutical Company). Thus the company's chare holders will come to an agreement with each other and for these agreement they will have to share the losses and profits that are acquired by the companies from the trade that has been transacted by them as a way that will ensure that these companies are in the responsibility of these share holders and the company will slowly reduce the numbers of the share holders from the sellers company this is by buying there shares.

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The company can also acquire the others company as a result of fixed-value stock, this is where the company that is buying the other company will pay each and every share holders of the selling company. This will be in attempt of ensuring that the company slowly reduces the numbers of the share holders from the other company and thus ensuring that the company will be in a position fully acquiring the company and thus making it own the company fully.

Second and Third Merge Choice

If my attempts to merge with the Hospira Pharmaceutical Company fail I will be in a position to chose from the list of the many pharmaceutical and medical companies that are in the country today. Some of the possible companies that I would possibly chose includes BioMarin Pharmaceutical and the Cypress Pharmaceutical this is because these two companies are all related with the same activities of that are conducted with the Cardinal Health Company (McDonald, 2006). The reason that I would opt to the merging with these companies if the attempts to merge with first one fails will be because these companies are leading in the pharmaceuticals in the medical market.

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This is because these organizations are said to be providing credible products to there suppliers and patients this will result to the mutual merger between these two companies to be greater benefit as these companies will be able to benefit from the merger. BioMarin also a small organization that is cropping up and has the most qualified team of employees who are aimed at ensuring that they are the best pharmaceutical company in the world and with this aggressive nature between these companies will result to the companies. This would enable the client to provide the customers and clients with quality products that will ensure that the organization meets the demands of each of its clients.

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