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Culture and Global Business


This article is going to highlight on the various ways I which culture has been able to transform and affect the culture on the growth of businesses in the global market. There are a lot  of business activities that are being encountered in the world today; this is because most of the companies and other business organizations are expanding thee territorial boundaries in order to acquire an increased market for there products. 

The challenge that these companies and organizations face and are still facing thus slowing down their business activities is culture; this is because their customers and clients are from different cultural backgrounds. This makes it difficult for the clients to fully accept the new products and ideas of the organization and companies in the regions (Tomovic, 2010).

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Culture is defined as the way of life of an individual, it is a setoff rules that govern the way an individual conducts his /her activities at any place whether in public or private; it is also the set of rules that governs an individual includes the Language, Arts, Religion and Social Interaction of an individual. These are some of the aspects that have resulted to the slowing pace of the globalization in business; this is as a result of the different cultural practices and believes on the business area.

The cultural orientation model cultural differences

In order for the business organizations to be successful in a new region that it wasn't initially established there; the organization should be in a position of conducting a survey that will ensure the organization typically understands the needs and demands of the people in this new region. This will act as a pivot for the organization as it will be able to identify its customer's cultural practices (Hofstede, 2001).

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The organization should apply the cultural orientation Model; this is where the organization will have the opportunity that will help the organization be more productive in this region. At the same time the business will be in a position to know and understand the things that are expected of them from the community. This is where the organization will have to conduct a clear understanding of the community's cultural practices, language and actions (Rajabi, 2009). This will be a clear indication that will be used to ensure that the organization decides what they will produce for people in that region; this is after they shave conducted a research that aims at identifying their preferences and dislikes (Hofstede, 2001). Consequently, this will to some point help the organization to succeed in the market; as a result of knowing the demands of their customers and reduce the incidents where they will interfere with their cultural practices.

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The role of culture in the global business environment

Globalization is where the regional organizations/ business institutions broaden their territories; this is by expanding their businesses to attract a more customers and improve the trade in the regions (Walker, et al, 2003). This is as a result of the improved technological and communication advancement that have resulted to the collaboration between people from different corners of the world who have diverse cultural practices and believes. This will result to cultural conflict amongst the people as some will feel that their cultural practices are being violated by the other people who don't know their cultural practices.

Culture has played some role in the global business environment; this is because it has ensured the global business to expand its business territories and potential thus ensuring that the company is in a position to be more productive and reliable in the global market.

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The first role of culture in the global business environment is the improvement of the services and goods that are offered by the organization in the global market. This is because the likes and interests of the customers of the organization are different from their initial customers from their initial countries (Walker, et al, 2003). The cultural differences between the customers will be a way in which the global business environment will improve as a result of the changing demands and preferences between their customers; hence improving the quality of there products in order top satisfy the demands of their consumers.

Culture has also resulted to the diversification of the products, the diversification of products has been as a result of the changing demands of there customers. Resulting to the companies to produce products that will be specifically be sold to specific regions such as the products for the Middle East and other Arabic countries; thus making it easy for these products to fulfill the cultural demands of these countries and not violate there cultures (Tomovic, 2010).

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Culture has also improved training and support amongst the companies in the international markets; this is because most companies will want to train their workers on what is expected of them once they are in the organization. The trainings will ensure that they will be very relevant and reliable in their duties and as a consequence making it easier for the organization to succeed in their service delivery in the business environment.

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