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Company Evaluation

Business risks can be defined as factors or circumstances that may pose a negative effect on the daily running or profitability of a particular business. They are in other terms known to as company of risks. These business related risks can come by either as a result either internal or external factors or in most cases both. It therefore takes a good public relations machinery to analyze evaluate and engage the necessary measures to try to reinstate the business or better its performance. This calls for extensive and intensive research on risks and their remedies.

Work place violence can turn out to be one of the most detrimental risks to a business or organization. They vary in magnitude as some may be mild but others explosive; however whatever the size or the problem they all have to be dealt with differently, tactfully and spontaneously. What seems mild or maybe unnoticeable may escalate into a raging storm that might dictate the demise of the business or even worse. Consequently, Procrastination should avoided as much as possible.

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It should be noted that one of the most prevalent workplace violence are those between the clients or the customers against the company’s employees. This has been revealed through research by The Office of Safety and Health Statistics this type of violence is ragging at most work places. Those employees who work at the front desk or are in direct contact with customers are the ones who are mostly affected or victimized.

In the evaluation of the work place violence we first have to understand where they emanate. This will help us to chat a way forward so to curb the situation and enable steady business growth. I as the owner of the business would set up strong public relations team. Which will be tasked to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and this will help in business evaluation. Among many other causes of violence these are cited as the most mentioned: economic stresses, employer issues, cultural issues in society and lastly employee psychological needs. Most employees succumb to work place sexual harassment especially to their subordinates. Other than that, there is work place discrimination and in some cases bullying.

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Bearing this knowledge about the causes and the types of violence, I will enable me draw a solution table to stop or minimize the impact. It is unquestionable that such risks tend to lower the productivity of one’s company if they are not addressed appropriately. I will now draw a work plan based on the findings. First and foremost

Ensure a well defined job description. As a way of dealing with conflict between employers within sections, it is in order to have each position well described with tasks and qualifications clearly stipulated. To enable this, every concept and article in the paper must be well explained and propagated. This is bound to increase productivity and efficiency, without one individual or department feeling sabotaged.

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Secondly I will ensure that the policy is well implemented and reinforced with each person as a custodian to it. It is a noble thing for a company to involve all their staff members in the decision making process in a company this will make everyone under the umbrella of this company to feel appreciated and wanted. Under this I would ensure that stringent measures are taken upon any breach without fear or favor.

I would also encourage team work, through regular evaluations and refresher courses. This will enable efficiency, timeliness and the teams’ commitment to a common vision of the company or retail business. I would also make sure that I throw annual parties where all members come together to share a meal, celebrate the achievements of the company and identify areas of struggle. Besides, I will give tokens of conviviality to members who would have shown outstanding performance to serve as a form of motivation.

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Another strategy I would come up with in regard to employee conflict is staff rotations. In cases of sexual harassment and insubordination between employees, rotations will help to reduce the interaction between the victim and the opportunist. Besides, it enables diversity in knowledge which in the long run reduces cases of misappropriation of funds as due to employees staying in their positions for long.

Productivity, growth and harmonious relationships between employees are concepts that are highly determined by the quality of personnel the employer has. Therefore when carrying out recruitment of employees, transparency will be hoisted high and I would ensure that closely related people do not serve within the same department. This is bound to foster false leniency and reluctance on taking corrections.

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Last but not least I will portray a good example so I can be imitated. Some bosses would like to seclude themselves and just issue orders. This gap in itself is a conflict for instead of ensuring quality the workers will keep panicking every time they see you or hear your voice. There might be a very high production with big spoils thrown away.

Another extremely important aspect of a business is motivation, through salary increments, lunch dates, and access to medical, housing and pre-paid leave. This will give a fresh impetus to the employer since they will feel that their effort is being appreciated. Most employers have under looked these aspects of a business and therefore only want maximum profits at minimum expenditure. This might make the employers to gang up against the business and which may turn to a strike or increase in the level of corruption.

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In conclusion therefore, any business that has given lucratively was based on the welfare of its employees. Whereas productivity is gauged by the coexisting relationship, it is important that before you provide a solution to the problem in your business, establish the root cause of the problem before administering any form of prescription. This in brief calls for in-depth research on the matter, identification of the remedy means and spontaneously acting upon the problem to avoid disastrous results at the end of the day.

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