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What is Leadership?

This is the act of guiding a group of people to do a certain task or achieve a certain goal. People look up to you for guidance, inspiration, correction, motivation rebuke etc. Bill seems to be very ambitious and energetic and it seems as if he definitely does not want anything to go wrong. As he has realized, putting himself under pressure to do all that work of  writing and reviewing all those twenty five articles every week will only drain him physically and emotionally (Manning & Curtis, 2005).

How will his current system of work affect his business and team?

If Bill continues running his business the way he is currently doing it, it might end up going down or completely collapsing. Doing almost all the work that is there to be done will only leave the other team members feeling inefficient and unwanted. This might even affect the other little work they are left to do so that they do shoddy work.

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Being a team leader does not necessarily mean that one should do all the work in the name of setting an example even if the leader in question does it better than the rest of the team. In Bill’s case, he might manage to do some good work for some time thus pleasing the customers and making more sales, but if he does not teach or allow the other team members to do some writing, it might come a time that he will be unable to do the writing for one reason or another and then that’s the time he will know how it is important to let other people work (Gallos, 2008). 

Lack of creativity is a very serious issue in his type of business. Readers buy articles because of curiosity and creativity. If the customers sense that there is lack of creativity in his articles, they might end up not buying the magazine and therefore a great loss for Bill.

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How can Bill improve his quality of work?

One of the major steps Bill can take is to divide the work or responsibilities among all the team members. Being the owner of the business, he should be able to guide the other team members towards improving the business. When he gives the team members responsibilities, they will believe and be confident in themselves and can even produce for him high quality work more than he could imagine. Allocating others responsibilities will give him more time to relax and come up with new and better articles/ideas to attract the customers (Caroselli, 2000).

Another step is to welcome new ideas from the other team members and never to be afraid of asking for help. Different people have different tastes, wants, desires, thoughts etc. In the same way, they also have different ideas. By encouraging and allowing the team members to give their ideas, the business will build up tremendously. Asking for help should also not be a sign of weakness but of effective leadership. 

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