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Conflicting Interests

The set-up of a business in any location aims to satisfy both the society and the company. When an organization comes in to being, people have varied expectations of the benefits derived from its existence. Atlantic Cement Company aimed to benefit the residents of Albany with its business operations. However, it is understandable that any organization will cause some negative moments to its neighbors. Mainly, the society weighs the effects of the positive influence compared to the negative impacts of having the company around. Atlantic Cement Company causes loud sound and pollution; something the community’s members could not overlook. Being a manufacturing organization, it polluted the environment, thus having negative impact on the residents’ health and property. These negatives outweighed the positive things the society gained from having the company in the locality. For example, the organization offered the locals employment and boosted the economy of the area by plugging back profits that have been earned. As per the existing conditions, the only alternatives were closure of the company or compensation to the residents. However, the residents needed the company to be closed down and in such way preserved their property and health. Therefore, the court ruled for compensation to the residents so the organization could continue with its usual business operations. In line with the factors of the case presented, the ruling of the court was unfair. In the following sections, the paper will explore the various reasons supporting the given opinion. It is evident that the court overlooked major factors, which the paper will highlight.

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Matters concerning health issues can be very complicated. Firstly, health is immeasurable. The Cement Company had a negative impact on the residents of Albany. It could be either immediate or come up later in years. In this regard, it is difficult for someone to make calculations of the health damages the company will cause to the residents. Nevertheless, the negative impacts vary from one individual to the other. It, therefore, does not make adequate sense to compensate residents on a flat rate market price basis. Accordingly, pollutants emitted by the Cement Company will affect residents differently depending on age, distance, and current health status factors (Radhapriya, 2012). For instance, people who live near the company will be influenced more as compared to those residing far away from the organization. In this case, compensation at a flat rate was an unfair decision. On the other hand, the impacts on the individuals will vary. For instance, some residents may feel discomfort later in life. At this point, the company has already given money to them and therefore, may not help them later with proper medication in case people will need it. Pollution of any kind means that locals will not develop. For instance, Albany residents will not be engaged in farming activities, as the chemicals will lead to poor yields. There will be a decline in development, as the properties will depreciate at an alarming rate based on the chemicals emitted.

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Another important factor is the authority that cause damage to the company continues to pose the locality. Establishment of an organization in any given area always aims at satisfying the society. In most cases, an organization brings forth development in terms of the supporting organizations’ existence. For instance, in the locality, we will have such establishments as schools, health care facilities, social amenities and many others. There will also be development of infrastructure and communication facilities. These improvements aim at serving the members of the locality. However, in this case, the same company seems to damage the properties and in turn cause unnecessary loses. The community therefore, will remain with responsibility for constant refurbishment of the facilities. In the end, the company will be a loss to the society rather than the expected beneficial organization (Li et al, 2013).

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One of the listed benefits of Atlantic Cement Company is the employment opportunities offered to Albany community members. The organization thrives for employing over 300 local residents. The interference of authority has negative influence on the company’s employees. In this case, paying off the local residents will mean the company losing its employees. In turn, the company will need to outsource workers. In this case, the company ceases to be beneficial to the community (Chen & Wang, 2014). Negative health impacts will also affect productivity of the employees hence poor company activities. Paying off the residents is not a long-term solution to the negative impacts the company presents to its beneficiaries. Another scenario is to move people from these localities. In turn, it will lead to closure of the company, as the area will be non-existent.

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Albany is not the main source of raw materials for the operation of the company. Looking back in history, one can notice that the organization is the one in the locality. In this light, the residents need an upper hand in matters, which benefit them or their future generation. Being a foreign element Atlantic Cement Company can be set somewhere else where the effects of the company will have less negative impacts to its residents (Misra, 2013). Displacement of people in the area was a weak decision by the court. The company’s influence will also affect the future generations residing in the area thus, the decision concerning the payment will not become a good solution. In this matter, the interests of the community members should remain prior and be the guiding factors to the operation of the company. The court seemed to pass a ruling basing on short-term factors rather than long-term ones. Of course, the living conditions of community should be at first place, as the extinction of the Albany society will mean non-continuation of the business.

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