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Internship Final Report

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (DTMFA) became the organization of my choice. The company was established in 2000 by order of H.H. the Ruler of Dubai. The purpose of founding the free zone is to help the investors to set up their businesses in a competitive, growing and sustainable environment. What distinguishes DTMFZ is its specialization in 4 types (clusters) of business: Technology, Media, Education and Sciences. My training at this company started on September 7, 2014 and was expected to last for 10 to 11 weeks or less depending on the work circumstances.

During the internship period, I aimed to achieve the following goals. First, I was supposed to understand the corporate quality system and the role of the Corporate Support Service Division in setting and implementing the quality or excellence systems. Next, I had to understand the different stages of quality system development and implementation. Apart from that, I was expected to participate in the core business process revisions of different departments. Moreover, I was supposed to engage in the implementation of the Excellence program through the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of two core processes. Besides, I had to review the audit reports and clear some of the observations and findings. The next task was to contribute to the process automation of the Master Planning Department processes. Finally, I was supposed to review and revise the corporate Delegation of Authority (DOA).

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I went quite far in achieving my goals. During the first week of my internship, I learnt about some of the core processes of different departments such as the Licensing Department, Development Control Department, and Master Planning Department. Additionally, I learnt how to make an audit report taking into consideration the weaknesses of some processes during the revision and reengineering practices. Also, I started getting familiar with the existing Delegation of Authority. During the second week of internship, I had the opportunity to participate in the core business process revisions of the Master Planning Department. Not only have I learnt the specifics of Master Plan Approval and Master Plan Modification processes, but I could also propose the enhancements required. I learnt about the existing challenges of the departments and got familiar with the standards of quality system development. During my third week of internship, I participated in such business process revisions of Master Planning Department as Master Plan Approval, Master Plan Revision, and Master Plan Modification Processes. From that, I learnt aboutthe key organization’s areas that require major modification.

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During the fourth week of my internship, I participated in the implementation of the Excellence program through the Business Process Reengineering (BPR). In particular, I witnessed how the CAD and Urban Planning teams proposed some modifications that may reduce the number of steps and activities in the process cycle aimed at higher efficiency. During the fifth week of my internship, I learnt that Master Plan Modification is rather complicated and embraces 14 processes.I also found out about the new business process called Land Allocation (Fast Track) aimed at more efficient communication between the Urban Planning Team and CAD Team in handling the urgent requests. During the sixth week, I participated in reviewing the audit reports and cleared some of the observations and findings. I learnt how several departments cooperate to create the reports. It appeared that the Master Planning Department worked on defining the attributes for reports. In turn, CSS team communicated the requirements to the corporate IT department. I also participated in the core business process revisions on the existing and completed projects under the Architectural Review System.

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During the seventh week, I contributed towards the process automation of the Master Planning Department processes. I learnt about the Master Planning definitions devised for the use of developers, consultants, contractors, authorities, and all other interested parties. I also found that even the slightest change in the existing definitions may have a significant influence on the understanding of the consultants. During the eighth week, I learnt more about Land Allocation (Fast Track) intended to enhance the coordination, to increase the efficiency of the work, and to define the mechanism of processing important tasks. During the last week of my internship, I participated in finalizing the Land Allocation Process. Then, I learnt that the process must differentiate between the ad-hoc and regular requests.

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In general, I liked my experience at the host agency a lot. The organization assigned Ms. Asma Harthi (Head of Operational Excellence – Corporate Support Services Department) as my on-site supervisor. Ms. Harthi holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration – Financial Services and possesses work experience of more than 14 years in Financial and Quality auditing.This amazing woman seems to know all about how the business works and does not hesitate to share her knowledge with others. She helped me in concentrating on the most important aspects of the internship disregarding all the trivial details. Besides, Ms. Harthi assigned Mr. Shankar (Lead Consultant - Corporate Support Services Department) to assist me in day-to-day training and activities in addition to her contribution and follow-ups. I would like to emphasize two main points concerning my experience with the work environment at DTMFZA. First, my supervisor, CSS team, and MPD team were cooperative and friendly during my training. They involved me in many activities and shared a lot of information with me, which helped me understand how the quality system is managed and implemented in the organization, and what challenges quality professional may face during the different stages of quality system implementation.

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In fact, I found no differences between the theoretical background of the implementation of quality management system and its practical implementation in the company of my choice. The team of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone successively identified the processes necessary for the quality management system, determined the sequence and relationship between these processes, identified methods to sustain these processes, and took some actions to achieve planned results and to ensure continual improvement. As a quality assessor, I was especially interested in quality audits. From what I learnt while working in DTMFZ, I realized that this company is so successful because it pays much attention to quality audits and continuous improvement. Corporate Support Services Department of DTMFZ takes into consideration the weaknesses of some processes during the revision and reengineering practices, thus following the “balanced scorecard” approach to understanding audit quality.

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Luckily, I did not face any problems at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in finding a suitable placement for internship or any other problems during the internship program. After a short discussion, I agreed with the Corporate Support Services Division at work to do my internship in-house because it would be more beneficial to me as well as to the organization.

I would say that the internship project added value to my learning of the quality system, organizational internal communications, managerial skills, and the organization culture in practice. The new experience paved the road for me to be able to take more responsibilities and extend my role at work to handle the quality issues of the department. Therefore, this course was of great importance to me as it provided me with the opportunity to not only learn about the structure of Quality Management System, but also to put my knowledge into practice. Due togaining the necessary knowledge and experience, I would be able to handle the quality matters in the future.

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