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Divine Fashion Company

Divine is company that deals in the fashion business. It manufactures different types of wears and accessories. The fashion industry is growing at an alarming rate and this is due to the mainstream of fashion designs, vast awareness of new trends in the market, as well as high competition amongst fashion houses. This growth is accompanied by vast technological knowhow and new global opportunities for expansion. Divine is a ten year old company that has stretched beyond its borders nationally, and with the current high demand of its products there is a need to expand globally to new markets and business ventures. The next target is connecting divine brands to Italy and China before expanding further. Taking the operation to these two countries will enhance brand communication for its products and it will also create new markets with the aim of increasing productivity. The increase in mass customization due to easy interaction with clients will also help the company increase its potential in producing quality goods.

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Part I: Executive Summary

Over the years, Divine Company has tried to create, design and manufacture quality goods for mass customers. The process of doing this has seen many constrains, and challenges where tough decisions have been made. The overall target however, was to come up with a brand that would define what divine is all about,” bringing eminence and value to customers”. Divine has grown immensely in ten years having gone beyond its headquarters to opening at least one fashion house in twenty five states across the country. This has been marked with tremendous acceptance and growth, as well as an increase in its brand awareness. The company has employed approximately five hundred workers in its facilities, and as the brand grows the company is looking to employ another five hundred in four years. Divine’s trading performance has increased despite the global recession in the last few years. This can be attributed to the hard work of the in-house employees as well as the other departments. Widespread large scale advertising and massive brand campaigns that have been undertaken by the PR department have steered the company’s revenue to new heights. The annual turnover has increased from $ 9.5 million last year to an escalating $16 million this year. The company expects even more increased turnover from a call to open subsidiary companies across the globe in years to come. Part of this success has also been due to firm leadership that exists in the company. The boards of directors have united the firm and have created policies that emphasize on equity of all stake holders of the company. The ease of communication among the employees and the administrative department has also ensured that all matters that pertain to employees are looked into to guarantee better working conditions for all. The value system of the company motivates everyone to give in their best since it is the driving force for success. The company has over the years ensured that business ethics and morals are adhered to. The importance of this aspect is that a long lasting relationship with the clients is created and the reputation of the company is maintained. Any breakage of the code of conduct spells inadequacy and unprofessionalism on the part of the company. The company also has a social responsibility to the society since the company understands that the public comes first before everything. Divine has been involved in major social events and campaigns that mostly deal with the environmental issues, and child education. Part of the revenues that the company makes is donated to charities that support these courses. This is due to the level of damage that is being done to the environment and the need to offer better education to children. The money that is donated is usually used to manufacture eco friendly products and services that protect the environment, and also to build libraries and recreational facilities in schools such as play grounds, swimming pools and other social amenities that are involved in a child’s social development. The company is involved in a variety of products all sold in the same line. Divine’s product mix include: jeans, shoes, bags, sports gears, jewelry, sunglasses of all sexes and age all under the brand name Divine.

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Part II: Technological opportunities

With the current array of technological opportunities, Divine Company is fixed on maximizing these opportunities to full extent. This will ensure increased sales in the products offered and the turn over gained will be used as a byproduct of expanding the business overseas. Technological development such as E commerce has revolutionized how business is conducted across the globe making it easy for the buyer and the seller to interact and conduct sale through the internet. Digital marketing has also improved marketing due to use of channels such as internet, cellular phones, social media whereby a lot of people are reached within a short time. A paradigm shift has taken place due to change in the models used today. Dependence on face to face or direct sales model has changed due to IT developments. The role of marketing in a direct model was to increase “sales and promotional support rather than mass awareness advertising and branding” which is important in today’s phase of high competition and a more matured market (Paul R. Gamble, 2007, p. 28) . Communicating divine brand to a lot of people will increase its awareness and the level of interaction with potential clients. The aim of conducting direct digital marketing and interactive advertising through social Medias is to generate loyal customers. Technology has offered the company more possibilities to target specifically defined markets across the world, and this render the opening of other Divine fashion houses in two countries achievable. The vision of opening divine fashion house in Italy and China is promising due to market research that has been undertaken with colossal information coming from the internet. The company has outsourced its services by connecting with major recruiting agencies in Italy and China through the internet and this has given the company an assurance of hiring well qualified personnel’s for the upcoming fashion houses. The company highlighted its qualification needs to these recruiting agencies and it is now possible to conduct a pre interview online in order to know the kind of employees the company is about to hire before conducting an actual interview. This has been helpful since it has made the work of hiring more easily, and reduces work overload.       

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Part III: Marketing opportunities

With overseas business ventures at hand it was deemed necessary to engage the research department in looking for new customer segment in Italy and China. It was found that these two countries offer the company lucrative undertaking, due to their current economic stability and high fashion sense. Divine brands cut across all ages and therefore the brands have a huge market niche. There are a variety of products that will sell well in both countries most especially jewelry, and shoes. These two products have been selling well in the market and they come in different designs and quality. Divine shoes come in different sizes and styles all made by high fashion designers. The materials used to make the shoes either leather, wood, and canvas is of high quality, and they appeal to different situations. They come in as office wear, boots, sandals, and heels for all sexes. Divine jewelry is one of a kind; they are made of precious stones. The jewelry designs are made of different components with most having divines logo “D” engraved on them, while others are made through collaborative customization. The company also develops medallions, lockets and pendants for its clients. This works for our brand since we engage the customers.  Another important aspect to consider is psychographics and demographics of these two countries. Demographics include aspect such as “population, average age, income, and education” whereas psychographics goes deeper to mean aspects such as “attitudes, values, lifestyle, and opinions” (Luise Weiss, 2011, p. 17). These two factors are important since they will give the company leverage of maximizing profits. The demographics of Italy show that the average is middle age persons. This translates to the working lot who make a good income with disposable income on the side which enables them to engage in high purchasing. Their psychographics is also promising since most of the population’s lifestyle shows their value in brand products and most of them attend fashion weeks that is hosted in the country annually. China’s demographics show a country with a high population that is made up of young people, having good income and who are better educated. Their psychographics shows a country whose lifestyle has started changing giving room for opportunity. The controllable variable of Italy’s demographics and psychographics is income, lifestyle and opinions. The population can be swayed into adapting new brands if the client gets “value for money” products. The uncontrollable variable however is their values; if a product does not suit their values it will be hard to persuade them. The same goes for China; however China has many uncontrollable variables such as lifestyle, values, and the aged segment of the society. This is because China is a very cultural state with its traditions still having root in the society. Most of the population still values their cultures and therefore it becomes hard to persuade them to buy some products. Nonetheless, Divine can use these uncontrollable values to its advantage by producing products that attach these values to them. Divine jewelry can engage in custom made products to attach some of the values to the end product while maintaining originality. To enhance brand awareness in both countries Divine Company will set off a promotion campaign of its brand shoes, cutting off a percentage on the item bought making them affordable to anyone.

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Part V: Future opportunities

The future holds more business opportunities for the company. With the success of the existing products, Divine is setting out to start a perfume label. This is a worthwhile business venture that will increase the number of products being manufactured, as well as the proceeds being made. The expansion of this company to two more countries, and the creation of a perfume label will steer the company in the right direction. With plans to engage in extensive market campaigns for the products, the company hopes to reach its target market globally within a short time. With increased awareness it will be possible to open more Divine fashion houses in different parts of the world within a period of ten years in a systematic way. With the help of vast technology the company will have market in all major cities of the world with expansion to cities in developing countries. This will take place through wide-ranging branding activities, media campaigns, and strategic media planning.

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Divine Fashion Company has grown in terms of the revenue it generates and the awareness it has gathered over the years. This has been due to extensive advertising and marketing that was aimed at creating loyal clients. The use of technology has extended business operations nationally and this will continue globally. Divine company is set to open two fashion houses in China and Italy, in order to generate more profits. The proceeds will be used as a byproduct to open more companies in other countries. With the success of the existing products the company hopes to launch a perfume label that will increase the brands market.

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