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Harvard Business Case

The Cambridge Science Pharmaceutical (CPS) has used approximately 10 years and a cumulative sum of $400 million in making FDA and R&D for Metabical a new drug for weight loss. Printup who has been left in charge of launching of the drug is quite well aware that for recuperation of the investment launching it will not be enough since to keep the product on a long term demand is also of great importance (Quelch, 2010). Though consumer research and medical studies on the product have demonstrated promising reports Printup still fears that the poor positioning of the drug could spell total disaster. If it Metabical does not achieve it success with its initial customers, then its credibility will be at stake which would render FDA's approval meaningless.

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Printup's first priority is to ensure Metabical's longevity and saving it from being labeled a fat diet cure. This is because she has been fighting to get the position of Vice President In the corporate marketing group of CPS. His promotion depends on the success of the launching of Metabical (Quelch, 2010). As print up ponders over the data she has gathered he keeps wondering who her target customers will be and how those who will participate in the process of decision making will be addressed. She also wonders on how to reach targeted customers and what will be the appropriate message for each.

AS Part of my recommendation Printup needs to flesh out all optimal segmentations, positioning and targeting of the product. It is only after doing this that she will be able to move out to make assessments of the strategy of the current marketing communication as well as the development of a time line for important activities to follow. She then needs to come up with marketing strategies that are appealing to each category of customer targeted. The youths are the most pre-occupied with their weight hence Printup should major on attracting their appeals. By achieving this, the product is assured to have a longer demand period and hence its launch will be a success. The media promotions and print adverts in addition to the internet can be a good way of reaching to the intended target market.

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