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Oracle Corporation

Oracle was formed in the year 1977 when two computer programmers, Lawrence J. Ellison and Robert Miner, came up together to form a software company. It was while working at the CIA project that Ellison saw the need that IBM, the computer giant, wanted a solution that would enable corporate data to be got from the system in any form. This was possible with the development of databases that would use relational database systems. This is the technique that Ellison realized while working at the CIA project and jumped into the opportunity to come up with this technique. The computer giant was keen in developing further IBM's innovation, Structured Query Language, into enabling relational database being developed into reality. By this time, the two entrepreneurs had already started Oracle in Belmont, California.

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Their main work was developing database management systems. They developed Oracle RDBMS (relational database management systems) which later became the world's first relational database that used SQL. It allowed organizations operating in different sizes of computers to use software which was standardized. One year after this, Oracle became the first company to offer commercial RDBMS; this was two years before IBM started their own. The company has changed the face of computing forever (Smith & Seifert 113).

Employment rate at Oracle

The jobs at Oracle are readily available for all professions. It is expected that since this company is technical it will employ only technical staff. Although it is true for most jobs found in this corporation, the company still has non-technical departments like finance, human resource, and training and development. With the current economic environment, the labor and the employment leaders at Oracle are faced with unprecedented demands from the employers, claimants, and the United States department of labor. This enhances the provision of timely, proactive and responsive services whilst reducing the administrative overhead.

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Oracle finds it difficult to meet the stipulated conditions that meet the unemployment insurance program objectives which are accompanied by the undocumented legacy that are difficult to change as well as to maintain. Owing to their limitations of the unemployment insurance systems, various agencies require the capabilities which enable them to provide the automated claimant and the employer services. Oracle therefore are charged with the responsibility of deploying the legislative mandate services with minimal delays, thus improve on collections of overdue contributions and the overpaid benefits. Oracle therefore will be able to implement the non -compliance validations services and implement the fraud prevention. The oracle's solution of labor agencies also fosters the management of multiple programs as well as well as the payments of the accurate and auditable benefits.

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The Oracle solution of labor agencies fosters the creation of employment opportunities through their provision of a configurable solution which meets the unemployment insurance functional requirements whilst allowing their agencies to select their maintenance path which for the interest of meeting their demands (Graham 701).

Oracle solutions selects the maintenance vendor which assists in building the custom transfer files hence enhance the company's ability to manage their own systems. The human resource information system vendors uses some technology which is supported by a certain software that  seek to integrate the employees pay package, job satisfaction levels and the company's total revenue so as to determine the possible causes of the high employee turnover rate. In this case the employment of the application service provider (ASP) package of the human resource information system will help the company identify the core issue behind turnover. The application of the ASP package will help decrease turnover and increase retention by advising the human resource management staff on the company's lines of weaknesses which scares away the employees through the provision of data. 

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The vendor will host the Application Service Provider thus enhance the access to the company's data which is stored in the vendor's server. This technology therefore will help the company create a process and ensure that the employee performance is evaluated. In order to reduce HR labor related to benefits management, technology will be used to determine the trend of the management of the organization with respect to the modes of supervision, communication, rewards, working conditions, nature of the work, organizational changes, and the recruitment and selection methods (Cast ells 356). The company's high turnover rates and lower retention rates could probably be as a result of the poor communication, lack of employee job specifications, poor performance appraisal methods and other factors which are detrimental to the progress of the company.

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In order to address the problems that affect the progress of Oracle, the consultant should choose a vendor which utilizes the client- server architectures which contains the database that resides on the central server and accessed across the entire work stations and connected to the network via the applications of the local clients. The most suitable human resource information system module for this case is the Oracle. The oracle is the most suitable module since it gives the provisions of the specialized applications which facilitates the succession planning, performance evaluations, employee turnover rates, strategic planning of the business units, and the benefits administration.

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