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Unilever and Bayer

Unilever is a British-Dutch international corporation that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in beverages, foods, personal care products and cleaning agents. The top management of the company comprises 2 executive directors, 10 non-executive directors, 10 Unilever executive members and 3 Unilever's senior corporate officers. The directors of Unilever are also executive directors. The independent aspects in Unilever's domination are the non- executive directors. The management of profit and loss and delivering growth across categories, regions and functions is the Unilever's executive responsibility. Unilever's senior corporate officers are responsible for providing the Board meetings and Board committee meetings with the information they require. As part of its Unilever Sustainable Living, the company has set bold new goals for creating a better workplace: Improve employee health and nutrition; lower the workplace injuries and accidents; reduce energy consumption in offices; lower employee travel; lower office waste; and, augment sustainable sourcing of office materials.

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Bayer is a global enterprise founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863 with core competencies in the areas of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. Unlike Unilever, the top management of Bayer is comprised of board of management and the supervisory board. Members of the Board of Management serve for an utmost term of five years and are entitled for reappointment after the end of their term in office. The function of the 20-member Supervisory Board is to supervise and direct the Board of Management. The Board of Management defines the long-term goals and the strategies for the Group and establishes the principles and directives for the resultant corporate policies. The Board of Management conferring with The Supervisory Board is involved with the company's strategic alignment and the implementation status of the business strategy. It is also involved in decisions on matters of basic importance to the company.

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Unilever has a network of customers including international retailers, wholesalers, distributors and small independent shops. A growing presence in developing markets is in the international retail customers. The company also sells products through a more different group of wholesalers, distributors and small independent outlets and kiosks, mainly in emerging and developing markets. The Consumer Goods Forum was formed in 2009, a new industry association that draws together nearly 400 member companies from across the industry and from all areas. On the other hand, in Bayer partnership is the basis of customer philosophy. Its customers are more than just clients who buy products. They are partners with whom the company endeavor to build a strong relationship based on a positive, mutual return and trust. Bayer customers comprise distributors, dealers and farmers. Bayer aspires to guarantee the whole supply chain reaps the gains of the partnership.

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Unilever helps the community economically and socially from its activities. A growing opportunity of the company is to meet the needs of low-income customers in emerging and developing markets. The company is trying to build up business models to reach the poorest members of society through using smaller formats, creating new products and new distribution avenues. It works to increase the productivity and skills of these people so they can boost their incomes and improve their living standards. As part of Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, the company has set bold new goals for improving livelihoods: By 2020, it will improve the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people as it develops. Bayer majorly affects the community through environmental cleanliness and sustainable development.

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For instance, it is the first private sector to collaborate with the United Nations Environment Programme. It helps to convince young people around the world to the reason of environmental protection. Bayer has established the Global Exploration Fund together with National Geographic, which encourages original research, intended to overcome the global challenge of giving the world's population with enough drinking water. It is also testing the efficiency of a substance that has demonstrated efficient in other applications with the aim of making a new tuberculosis drug available in developing countries at reasonable prices. The Bayer Group practices Corporate Social Responsibility with these and several other programs. It is therefore working to upgrade people's lives in observance of its mission statement "Bayer: Science for a Better Life.

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The differences of the two companies especially in their relationship with the community attributes to differences in their product specializations. Unilever concentrates on the health of its customers while Bayer concentrates on the health of the environment. This is purely due to the different products that the companies produce.

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