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American Hispanic Diversity


This discusses the linguistic, social, economical, religious and familial conventions among the Guatemalans Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

Cuban Americans

Among the Hispanic group members, the Cubans have the lowest poverty rates, high divorce rates and most of them are Roman Catholic followers. They have also accepted the Santeria as one of their religious affiliations and they speak Hispanic language. Cuban Americans have impartiality of the sexes. For instance, women are seen as the most conjugal creature and males are seen to acquire household chores. Further, the males are portrayed in public as central while the women are portrayed as dominant at their homes. The strong family relationships among the Cubans maintain their extended families for long periods (Thomason, E.).

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Puerto Ricans

The Puerto Ricans are followers of the Roman Catholic Church who use Hispanic language but others worship the protestant faith in different assortments. The group has nationalists who believe in the American government and statists who believe in self government. The group's social class is high due to many high paying white collar jobs. The Puerto Ricans perceives their homes as the focal point of life. Their children are raised as boys being overly belligerent and girls being tranquil and silent (Green, D.).

Mexican Americans

This is the most famous group of Hispanic origin and it is made up of whites, Native Americans, Mestizos and Mulattos. They use Spanish language and they are followers of the Roman Catholic Church in which they base their educational, sexual and political opinions. The poverty rate is high in this group and many of the Mexican Americans have been employed as migrant farm workers who are dedicated to hard work. Socially, mothers are seen as the fundamental figures among the Mexican American homes and both the two parents work to meet the needs of their families (Samora, J.).

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Guatemalan Americans

This group use Spanish as the main language and most of them live in Arizona, California and Los Angeles. They follow the Roman Catholic Church but they also practice Mayan religious customs. These people posses high standards education but they their presence in American political arena is not strong. This is due to the fact that the Guatemala's background is characterized by very low population (Hong, M.).


In conclusion, there are many similarities and differences among the four groups. The main similarity is that they all practice religion based on Roman Catholic Church. They also use Hispanic language. The major difference is realized in their career paths and education which leads to their difference in social classes.

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