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Comparison in the Applications Industry

The mobility of communication devices is the force behind developments of any mobile phone or device applications mutual mobile. The Austin based company’s growth in applications business has been on a trajectory since its establishment in 2008. The company has successfully completed well over 50 projects that are related to the mobile phone industry and directed at solving common problems in day-to-day life experiences. The company is also registering an upward trend in its productivity. For instance, the demand for Android applications has skyrocketed due to an increased manufacture of these devices. This truly different compared t a few years back when even the manufacture if new devices was slow. Therefore, the company focuses on responding to the demand using the most cost effective methods. This means that the company manufactures cheap products compared to other companies.

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The demand for various applications is increasing because of the latest technology that enable people move around alongside their gadgets. In this regard, the mutual mobile is focusing of specific fields that have higher demand. Some of these fields are enterprise, m-Commerce, healthcare, and education. This trend is becoming prominent because employers or even individuals are seeking to seek empowerment thus enabling them work from anywhere. This is unique compared because earlier various transactions were done in a central place or even manually.

Apart from coming up with applications, market demands have prompted mutual mobile to start a consulting program. According to John Arrow, the firm’s CEO, this is in order to accommodate as many views as possible about different applications. This action was adapted after the company came up with some applications such as Hangtime that was controversial. This has helped that firm come up with new application such as StumbleUpon for iPad that are more satisfying to its customer. In addition, there is increase in demand for applications that make working easier. For instance, the medical field is a need for an application that will eliminate the use of clipboards in recording patient information; thus, making work easier. In conclusion, the trends in the applications industry in a trajectory because of the changes in technology and the way people do business.

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