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Historically, feminism has undergone different phrases. The modern American woman has distanced herself from feminism. This is because feminism is associated with resentment and rhetoric that are hostile in nature. Christina Hoff Sommers believes that over the years, feminism has taken a wrong direction. She believes that feminism has not been able to represent women’s hardships. Additionally, feminism has only depicted the struggles of women without depicting the challenges of men. Coming from the first wave of feminism, Brady desires to depict how feminism in that period fought for equal roles of men and women (Brady N.p). By comparing and contrasting the essays, this paper seeks to look into the future of feminism in the society.

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The essay, It’s a Men’s World, depicts differences that exist between men and women. Sommer illustrates one activity that disappointed his son while he was in a camp. While girls were glad to be left alone, men wanted to be in groups. The trainers saw that this action was a depiction of primitive violence (Brady N.p). The whole purpose of the essay was to depict the real meaning of gender equality. It is allowing men to be who they are, men. Real gender equity is when the difference that exists amongst every gender is embraced by the society. Most of the times, the society attempts to remove the traits that are deemed as negative in the males. This has proved to be difficult because the male traits are natural and cannot be reversed. The natural differences that exist between women and men have to be taken positively. Historically, Christina argues that masculinity that is restricted by morality is dominant and productive. But masculinity that lacks ethics is deemed to be destructive.

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In the essay, I want to be a wife, the author attempts to depict the role of a wife in the society. The feminist period was premised on the notion of equity in the roles given to men and women. Women fought to be granted equal opportunities to prosper in the society. The essay depicts the ideal woman that every man desires. Feminists argue that males are suppressive in the success of women. In the essay, the author depicts how men desire women who know how to balance their roles as wives and as successful women. The women played their roles as wives did many things to keep their husbands and children happy (Brady 1). The woman performed the role of a man and her societal roles as a woman too. However, she no one seems to care about her and her needs. No one seems to listen to the cries within her. In the present day feminism, the fight of a woman is more intrinsic than visible. The author desired to depict the frustrations of a woman in a marriage. In the other essay, men, it’s their nature, the author depicts the frustrations of a mina in the society. Masculinity has been treated as violence instead of being embraced as something that is positive (Brady N.p). Men are caught between people who desire them to change from what is naturally manhood.

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The feminist period was characterized by a rise in gays and lesbians. This is depicted in the essay, I need the wife. The author, a woman, seeks for a wife who will treat her well as she has to her husband (Brady 1). The frustrations of women in that period made women be able to perform both female and male roles. The wife was supposed to care for her children, give nourishment to her family, go to work and satisfy the sexual demands of her husband. More women found solace in having their fellow women as their companions. In contrast, the author in the essay, it’s a man’s world thinks differently. She seems to look more into the differences that exist between men and women more than the roles that they can share commonly. For instance, the author seems to note that while women had better verbal skills, men could reason better. In addition, while men loved taking risks, women tend to be more nurturing. The author argues that the men and women roles have to exist to propagate equality in the society. In an experiment that attempted to make boys learn to play with dolls, the author notes how impossible it was for men to do that (Sommers N.p). This is because in some matters, it is impossible to change what nature considers as normal.

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In both essays, the authors attempt to depict how the society views the different roles that exist between men and women. In the essay, I want a wife, Judy writes the essay on a woman’s perspective. Judy has certain roles assumptions and perspective on how the world ought to be. The author her audience sees the real experiences that a woman undergoes. By employing satire, the author illustrates the experience of having a wife that carried out her functions in her family. The author desires to know the experience of having the role of a husband in her home. For instance, she illustrates the experience of having a wife who took her to school and could look for employment (Brady 2). By reversing the roles of a man to a woman, she illustrates how the woman places her requirements above the need of her husband and family. In the essay, men, it’s their nature, the author attempts to depict the frustration of men through her son. Her son’s camping trip assisted her to understand the frustrations that men undergo as they attempt to live their lives (Sommers N.p). The society attempts to control their natural way of being men by transforming them into something else.

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As of such, the two essays clearly depict the versions of femininity and gender equality through the authors. This gives an understanding of how the society portrays the roles of both men and women.

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