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Fox 5/CNN, and CNBC News

Into comparison in this essay is Fox 5 and CNN, and CNBC Cable news. Cable news in the United States came into existence in the beginning of 1980s with the coming of cable television. Earlier networks in the United States included CNN (1980), Financial News Network (1981), and CNN2 (now HLN) in the year 1982. CNBC came later on in 1989, taking management of FNN in 1991. By the year 1997 the industry of cable news had grown to incorporate many other networks such as MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and Bloomberg Television and ESPNews as specialty channels (Smith, 2002).

Major Cable news networks in the United States are three commonly known as The "Big 3". They include the Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. CNBC (officially the Consumer News and Business Channel until 1991) is a satellite and business news channel in the U.S., under ownership and management NBC Universal. The network covers business headlines and present live report of financial markets. It is therefore clear that CNBC has not much to be put into comparison with Fox 5 and CNN. To a greater extent, television networks cover key news that newspapers. These are however the news that they feel can promote a political or moral ideal they wish to convey (Jeffrey, 2007).

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Fox decided no to include statements of bush on London in its broadcast because Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation is in love with Bush. Instead Fox decide to air a piece on how Condoleezza Rice had a meeting with Asian ambassadors on getting to some agreement over nuclear arms. Rice and bush administration were depicted as lovers of world While Brown's part on CNN was just an editorial, not allowing any viewpoints other than that of its host, which is a thing that is not allowed at Fox.

Even though these two were editorials and based on facts and opinions the CNN piece promoted the essentials of democracy than the Fox News one did. By permitting opposing views to be articulated, CNN played its role to be "fair and balanced" than Fox, who permitted the broadcast to swerve none from Murdoch's vision of great personal and corporate bias, which is only brought about by works of misinformation cleverly camouflaged as news programs. All this time CNBC was on business news. It therefore clear that Bias in Cable News Networks can change supposed Reality.

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