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Feminist and Sociology Theory

Feminism is a deliberate social and political effort by female activist aimed at empowering women and fighting gender inequality (McCann & Kim, 2003). Feminist theories make the assertion that women normally live under unfavorable circumstances that definitely need to be changed. Feminist theories also try to give reasons for gender inequality. Sociology theory helps us appreciate what surrounds us.

Sociology theory is a male dominated sector hence in most instances they tend to ignore sexual differences in their studies. Feminist theories have given sexual disparities amid men and women the much-needed attention during their studies. Constitution of sociology theory is a male dominated sector while Feminist theory formulation has relatively many female scholars. Sociology theorist have conducted their studies with men being their only subjects this is in contrast to feminist theorist who have conducted their research among women (McCann & Kim, 2003).

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Sociology theories have trivialized issues that women encounter and have applied results from male subjects to both genders while feminist theories have laid emphasis on the biological, ethnic, and cultural problems that women face. Sociology theories initially concentrated on making sense out of political and economic agendas while the feminist theories have primarily concentrated on trying to clarify gender inequality and empowerment of women. Sociology theory is a discipline that is resistant to change and has had to be reconstituted to accommodate findings made in feminist theory, which is a more radical field that looks critically at problems women encounter.

Feminist theory has provided opportunities for women to contribute. This has been done by including findings obtained from women subjects and bringing on board female scholars. This is contrast to sociology theory that has excluded women's contribution thus serving to strengthen the belief that sociology theory is a male domain.

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In view of the above points, it evident that diversity between feminist and sociology theories is largely due to failure of male sociologist. This is with regard to acknowledging biological differences between the two genders, supremacy of men in sociology and failure to involve female scholars.

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