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Living in the South verses Living in the North

There are differences as well as similarities between livings in either state region. However, differences between two lives tend to outweigh the similarities. In the northern states, the landmass is smaller and crowded with larger population. The state regions of the north are also referred to as Union States. The states of this region joined together in a campaign to fight slavery during the civil war since they supported federal government and they preserved royalty to it.

On the other hand, southern states have larger landmass and smaller population as compared to their counterparts in the north. Southern states are also referred to as confederate states. These states supported slavery and many of the rich people of the region practiced it. The states supported secession with the north. Their decision brought misunderstanding between the two regions which in turn led to a civil war.

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In addition, people of the north like partying especially during the nights. This is mainly because of the large population of the region. Majority of the people in the population are of middle ages because of cold climates that affect the region during winter. With regard to the age, majority are working class and mostly they do their works during the day and with thus partying is an inevitable activity that they carry out during the nights (Abramitzky, 2006).

Nevertheless, southern states have warm climate which is favorable for the old age individuals and farming activities. The main activity for the majority is farming. The large sizes of the regional states do not favor entertainment industry as compared to the northern states. Furthermore, the small population of the region makes people to travel for long distances through crop fields and ranches to get to towns.

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In addition, northern states are exiting places during the nights. This is because the region states are small in sizes and densely populated with middle aged people. The region is well lit by street lights and dazzling lights in many entertainment businesses. These night activities make law enforcers to put in place tight security in the regions thus reducing chances of occurrence of crimes during the nights.

On the other hand, southern states are working environment during the days and during the nights, activities comes to a standstill leaving people with the option of either sleeping or carrying out individual chores. The region is dark at night especially in those regions far from urban centers. However, security in the region is not as tight as that of the north and there is a higher chance of occurrence of crimes.

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Moreover, the main economic activities of the north are trade and commerce. Large populations of individuals work in the business and production sectors. These activities earn northern regions a lot of income which makes them to have larger state development fund than their counterparts. However, during cold season, many individuals go to warmer regions leaving the region sparsely populated. Many individuals head south wards where climate is warm.

On the other hand, the main economic activities of people of the southern regions are agriculture, tourism, fishing and aerospace activities. The warm climate favors these economic activities. Fishing industries are located in marshlands along the coastline in Texas and Louisiana. Gulf coast in this region serves as the delivery port of oil products in the United States. Above all, agricultural activities of the country are carried out in the southern states. The region receives many tourists at times when winter has invaded northern states. Many tourists come for beach activities, aerospace and sporting. These activities bring income to the states but not as much as northern states earn.

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Additionally, eating styles of people of the northern states have been considered unhealthier as compared to the southern states. Economic activities of the region have led many people to rely on fast foods for meals. Many restaurants of the region have junk foods on the menu. Many people of the region have suffered from eating disorder illnesses such as diabetes and obesity because of these foods. The main cause of the problem is the regions not carrying out agricultural activities which would help to supply fresh foods to the public else they rely on food from the southern regions which pass through industrial activities before getting into the market (Morgan, 1975).

On the other hand, people of the southern region suffer less from eating disorders compared to their counterparts of the north. In the region, people have access to fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables which are healthier as compared to their counterparts in the north who access food from industries. It is believed that an individual of the southern region has a higher life expectancy that a counterpart from north because of the different type foods they eat, and climates of the regions.

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However, northern regions do not have values for cultural heritage. This is because northern parts have large population of immigrants who brought in their cultural heritage in the region. For instance, many restaurants of the northern region have the likes of Chinese, Spanish among other foreign delicacies on the menu. In addition, economic activities of the region also contributed in making people to give away their culture.

On the other hand, southerners practice their cultural heritage up to date. Horse riding and wearing confederate attires is a norm to many people. Although, northerners take southern culture as racism, southerners argue that they are proud of what they do and they see a little rebel which demands that they are not completely succumb to low fat, stress and fast pace world their forefathers Yankee brethrens.

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