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Life before Internet versus Life after Intenet

The way is of life is influenced by all endeavors of man to improve the world and make work easier. The major developments evident in the technology applications are evident and has no doubt received appraisal from all over the globe. In other instances, mere professional are reaping fruits of their handwork bountifully as some have become overnight millionaires. It is this success story that has made government across the world to give technology the first priority in the development agenda. So many things have changed due to use of technology in our lives. The way of transacting business, accessing government agencies distance and information sharing are among the most significant examples of the impact of technology on human life. The life before internet and telecommunication technology is different form modern life in which the internet and telecommunication are the backbone of day-to-day activities.

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Being the most important invention ever made, internet has changed the way and approach of every day activities. In the past, it was a common duty for a Posta man to traverse from street to street with a gigantic bag delivering mails door to door. Likewise, the Posta services had many drivers whose work was transporting mails from one town or city to the other. The invention of email revolutionized the way of mail delivery from all over the world by simply using email programs on the internet. Although many workers in the Posta industry lost their work, more jobs were created for web administrators and designers as well. The way of working is also different since the traditional form of working involved stamping of mails for delivery unlike the modern mail transfer in which one has only to log on to email service provider and send a mail by simply entering thee recipients email address.

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The cost communication has also gone down with the offers that are given by various communication companies such as free voice calls and free short messages. It took ones time preparing and written script in the quest of job application. This tiresome and long way of applying for jobs has been replaced by the modern use of computer to typeset and produce print documents instead. There is also a different approach in the way organizations conduct interviews. In the past, the interviewee had to be physically present at the company's premises for an interview to take place. Today, interviews are carried out online. One does not have to commute as it was in the past; it is just a matter of logging into the company's website and filling out some online forms.

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The running of government offices and public institutions has also been electronically modified to improve service delivery to the public. In the age before internet, people had to queue to get government documents such tax registration forms business licenses unlike today where all these documents are available online for easy download from any geographic position in the country. Thus, all these hustles of travel and waiting in long unbearable queues have been solved. It is a golden chance for every one who wishes to work from home since the internet offers the flexibility of telecommuting. The job market in modern world is wider than before since the internet employs a large number of the population with various online jobs. The flexibility of working at home is a reality that is so far fruitful and accommodates the job seekers who cannot make to commute to their places of work due to their commitments.

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Money transfer is modern world is efficient than ever before with electronic transactions made online. One can simply transfer money from his bank account to a company's bank account in payment of transactions instead of the traditional cheque payment with the writing of bank slips to respective suppliers or contractors. It has also become easier to carry out business online by selling and buying of products from a company's websites. Electronic commerce was unheard of in the past. Today it takes the click of a mouse to buy a product online and the cost is subtracted from the client's bank account. Transactions from overseas were hectic and procedural with physical hustles of moving to the geographical location of the company to purchase a product.

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The dissemination of information has also become easier than in olden days. Today it is common among soccer fans to watch ongoing matches from the comfort of their homes unlike in the past where one to physically be in a stadium to watch the match.

However, there some things like, basic humans, which have not changed in life before and after internet. Wars and pandemics in nations still occur like it was in the past. The impact of internet in modern life has not changed some aspects of life. The need for security remains. The only difference is that warfare is handled differently as compared to the days before invention of the internet. Today soldiers do not necessarily have to be at the battlefield to attack adversaries. Missiles are launched by use of computers from the military base directed to the enemies' location.

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