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The Ideal University versus the Real University

According to Brodbeck, (2009), Ideal is a mental formation regarded as a standard of perfection. It is a model that is associated with excellence. Real, on the other hand, refers to the instance of occurring in existence. It is the case of having a certifiable realism. An ideal university is thus an institution of higher learning that is associated with standards of excellence (Brodbeck, 2009). Too many scholars regard an Idea university worth the effort to securing an admission. An ideal university is an institution of higher education that has teachers or lecturers and tutorial fellers who have the skill in their subject. This means that, the lecturers have to have the facts readily available relating to the subject that they teach. Brodbeck, (2009), argue that there is no room for a trial and error approach in an ideal university; it is perfection in every education issue.

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An Ideal university is a university that offer good meal plans to the students. A university that is Ideal understands the facts about education and the impact of a balanced diet in education. For a university to be ideal, it should be able to give good meals to the scholars. In addition, an Ideal university should be able to offer comfortable housing. This means that, it has to offer comfortable rooms for students with the necessary comfort for better performance. An Ideal university has finesse in housekeeping approaches, which accrues to the students' realization of the expected comfort at campus. These are the basics of an idea university to be particular (Brodbeck, 2009). Other variables are dependent of student likes and expectations. For instance, a student may require his or her ideal university to have strapping music section and student welfare center.

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From Brodbeck, (2009), a Real university, on the other hand, is a university whose actuality is verifiable. It is a university that has made the effort to be what is actually stated as the requirement of a university. It does not care of the standard of comfort that is desirable by the students, it just makes sure that accommodation rooms are available for students occupation, and not whether they are enough or not. A real university is a serious institution of higher learning that is free of pretense and considers things the way they are in it (Brodbeck, 2009). It does not care much about the diet; whether it is balanced or not, exciting or boring, it ensures that, the basic need is satisfied.

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A university that just offers general quality of lecturers to its students whether experienced or nor is a Real university. A real university just ensures the lecturers have satisfied the requirements for one to work as a lecturer as par the stipulations, then adopts him or her to teach its students. It is a university that if the basics are met, additional services are personal motives, and should be satisfied by the student as per his or her standards (Brodbeck, 2009). Other than the fact of existence, a Real university does not involve with itself with ensuring that the students comfort is achieved, and scholars have the most essential circumstances to conduct their studies efficiently.

Ideal universities when compared to a real institution of higher learning, sharp contrasts are noticed. As an Ideal university satisfies the critical self-satisfaction elements for its students, such as comfortable housing and good food, the real university takes little effort. A Real university just conforms to the standards of a university, and nothing much related to luxurious study life. An idea university thus, is a campus that ensures the scholars are fully actualized for better educational success as opposed to a Real university.

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