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The Blackberry is Better

The Middle East is represents a market where many business firms have placed their attention to. Several business organizations have eyed the huge market in the Middle East as potential niche to sell their product. With this regard, mobile phone manufacturers have not been left behind. Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone has made entry into the Middle East as well as its rivals the Canadian company Research in Motion who is well known for their Blackberry hand held phone. While the two companies have managed to market the products in Middle East, Blackberry has emerged out to be a better phone. With numerous messaging application, easy way of purchase, people's desire for class and advanced securities, blackberries have emerged as a better phone in the Middle East.

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In the Middle East, people are known to use the phone in sending and receiving messages. As a form of communication, messaging has been well established in the culture of the people. Due to this reason, people in Middle East are on the lookout for phones which offers a more flexible way of sending or receiving messages. Luckily, Blackberry offers this flexibility as compared to the iPhone. A BlackBerry has several messaging applications which allow one to switch between them as compared to the iPhone which ships with one messaging application. Apart from the inbuilt BlackBerry messenger, a BlackBerry user can install third party instant messengers (Ballew, 2010). This makes Black Berry a better phone than iPhone in the Middle East.

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Another reason that makes BlackBerry a better phone in the Middle East is the efforts made in buying it. In the Middle East just like in other places, a new release of iPhone will make stores have queues of people waiting to buy the phones. In the past, people have had to queue and wait outside stores to buy Apple's product like iPhone (Goggin, 2010). However, the Middle East people have no passion for making queues and this makes them go for BlackBerry. With BlackBerry, customer can enjoy stress frees shopping for the BlackBerry gadgets and even new brands that have been released in the market. With the inconveniences offered by the IPhone during their purchase, the people of Middle East prefer the BlackBerry more than the iphone.

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In addition, BlackBerry is more popular in the Middle East than the iPhone because it has advanced security feature in it messaging service. According to King (2010), a BlackBerry has a strong encryption system that protects messages from being read during transit. Given that most people in the Middle East are wary of infringement of privacy as exemplified in the United Arab Emirates, it pays off to have secure phone like BlackBerry as compared to iPhone whose messages can be spoofed by hackers. With iPhone lacking better security in this sense, the population in the Middle East has embraced BlackBerry's as better phones leaving out the iPhones.

The issue of class also played a role in making the people of the Middle East to believe that BlackBerry is a better phone than the iPhone. The people of the Middle East are aware that important figure like President Obama use the BlackBerry phone and not the iPhone. Obama is said to have legendary passion for BlackBerry which makes it stylish to have (Leanne, 2009). With the passion of identifying with class, the people of Middle East have turned to BlackBerry which seems to be a phone for the stylish owner much as compared to the iPhone.

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Without doubt, the iPhone is not popular in the Middle East. However, the BlackBerry is the most preferred phone. Its popularity arises from the numerous messaging applications it has, the easy way to purchase it, the messaging encryption service it has and its association with the people considered to great men and women like Obama. These reasons have made the BlackBerry be the people's choice in the Middle East. Should you travel to a county like the United Arab Emirates for business trip, make sure you have your BlackBerry with you.

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