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Boxer Breed and Rottweiler Breed

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The Boxer breeds of dogs are known for their love for children and they are suitable for those families with children. They are pretty loving and docile and are capable of making quite good pets. However, it's advisable that toddlers and those children who are active are supervised whenever they are around young or adolescent boxer breed dogs because they can knock the children and toddlers down with their playful nature (Broom & Fraser, 2007). In order to control their high spirits, the breeds needs some early socialization as well as obedience training while still at their tender age and this should be followed by some exercise in their adolescent stage of growth (Walker, 2002).    

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On the other hand, the Rottweiler breed has wonderful characteristics as pets. Their breed as well as barking can be recognized by any intruder in a home. It's a loyal dog and family oriented. Even its puppies are as effective as the parents. They will try to guard to their yard and home (Whitehead, 2002). The Rottweiler is a loving and royal dog. The breed is known for its sense of humor, can be highly attentive but even tempered as well. In short these dogs are extremely adaptive based on the fact that they make very good companions. However, the dogs are suitable for outdoor tasks and not indoor environment (Hutchinson, 1998).


If well-bred by an expert Rottweiler breed can be calm and loyal. In fact, the dog can be very loyal, friendly, and defensive to the owner's family. However, the owner of the dog should always be dominant, and the Rottweiler being subordinate to their master. Sadly, in case of hasty breeding, underprivileged socialization, as well as limited exercise or working, the dog can be really aggressive and unstable. For this reason, the Rottweiler can only be trusted with the children of the owner but incase of other children being around, the dog should be closely watched (Whitehead, 2002). These dogs have a tainted reputation. There are cases in which they have been involved in ferocious attacks on people with a number of the attacks being fatal. If not well trained, the powerful and large dogs can turn wild at times (Hutchinson, 1998). Some dog owners train these dogs to adopt some aggressiveness for the sake of dog fighting and this gives the general public an impression that these dogs are dangerous. This is because a dog bite attracts a lot of public attention. The news reports on television and other news media have also contributed in tainting the reputation of these dogs even though most of the attacks involve children who may have provoked these dogs to launch the attack (Hutchinson, 1998).

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 The Boxer breed on the other hand, the temperament of this breed is one of the most prized characteristics in the breed. The dog is loving and loyal and follows its masters wherever they go. For their lack of fear and fright the dogs can make very good guard dogs. If well trained, Rottweiler dogs do well with older children, however the breed is most suitable to people who have enough time to socialize, keep the dogs active and to train them on obedience. The dogs have passion in socializing and joking with people and it reaches a point that the playful nature is too much that in most cases, there is need to control it while the dogs are still young (Walker, 2002).     

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 The training

In regard to obedience training, the boxer breeds don't need it based on the fact that the training starts at a tender age and these dogs are considered to reach their maturity age as early as three years old. The Boxers make good watchdogs and if trained well they can make good guard dogs. Boxers are intelligent, alert and willing to delight and this makes them suitable to train to a high agility level that suits agility sports as well as competitions related to obedience (Walker, 2002). 

On the other hand, for the Rottweiler, if trained well the dog is intelligent, calm, courageous and confident but still show aggression to strange dogs and strangers too. As a result the dog needs a lot of training on being social and obedient right from its tender age as a puppy and this should continue even during its adolescence age. If subjected to good mental stimulation and exercise training, the dog can make a good obedient, agility oriented and schutzhund competitor (Hutchinson, 1998).

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Regarding their substance proportion and size

The male Rottweiler breed of dogs is 24-27 inches while the bitches are 22-25 inches. However, the most preferred sizes for either are the mid-range size. As long as the size of the dog ranges in within the preferred standard, the proportion is correct (Whitehead, 2002). The body length from the extreme rump projection to the prosternum is slightly longer than the dog's height at its withers. In regard to this, the most appropriate proportion of the length to the height is 10 to 9. This breed of Rottweiler is neither shelly nor coarse (Hutchinson, 1998). The chest's depth for Rottweiler is around 50% its height. It has a compact as well as an extremely powerful appearance with the muscle and bone mass balancing sufficiently the frame of the dog or the bitch (Whitehead, 2002). The Rottweiler Males have larger boned bodies than the bitches (Whitehead, 2002). The breed is muscular and throughout their entire bodies the muscle tone is even. Their Eyes are expressive and their ears may sometimes be cropped, but the position of the ears on their head should be sitting widely apart. If the years are left un-cropped, they should hang over for the purpose of framing the face frame (Hutchinson, 1998).

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The Rottweiler are not as large as the Boxer, they are medium large but vigorous and dominant dog, black in color though the body has clear rust markings. The compact as well as significant build of the dog designates great strength, dexterity and stamina. The males of Rorrweiler are naturally more gigantic throughout their bodies and poses larger frame with heavier bone than their female counterparts (Whitehead, 2002). On the other hand bitches are specifically feminine; however, they are not weak in their substance or even structure (Hutchinson, 1998).

On the other hand, the boxer breed of dogs is a huge breed too. Its weigh lies between 50 to 75 pounds, with the males standing at 23-25 inches tall in their withers. The bitches are shorter, with their standing height ranging between 21 and 23 ½ inches tall and this is also at their withers. Just like the Rottweiler, It is also a huge, muscular and strong dog that is good-natured energetic and playful (Walker, 2002).

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