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Critical Review of an Article

The researchers are hypothesizing on the relationship between alcohol consumption in heterosexual men and aggression perpetration toward sexual minorities. They wanted to clarify the truth on the aggression towards sexual minority such as guys, lesbianism, bisexual and transgender as a result of hate and alcohol intoxication. This issue has been raised by policy makers, social scientists and advocacy groups for many years.

In addition to their studies, the have provided background supportive data and information which has been based on the knowledge that aggression towards sexual minority is facilitated by the acute effects of alcohol rather not the pattern of men's alcohol consumption. Moreover, supportive data also indicates that sexual minority adults experience bias motivated crimes and verbal crimes by 20% and 50% respectively. Additional research data indicates that victims who suffer hate motivated crimes experience more severe detrimental physical and psychological effects as compared to those who suffer from bias-motivated and nonbiased-motivated crimes.

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The method of researchers used interviews during the research as the primary method to get the data. The participants who were interviewed were males of ages 18-30 years old who were recruited through newspaper advertisement in southeastern United States city. This age limit was chosen the researchers because supportive data indicates that majority assailants of sexual minorities fall within this age bracket. Researchers sought to obtain one hundred white men to the interviewees because the metropolitan is highly populated by African American people.

The research group of the men was grouped into two; one group was made up of the heterosexual men and the other one has homosexual men. Grouping was done according to sexual orientation whereby they required interviewees to endorse the exclusive sexual arousal to females and sexual feelings that occur mostly when with females. One hundred and ninety nine endorsed female arousal thus they were grouped as heterosexual while the rest thirty seven were grouped as non-heterosexual.

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Upon the arrival, researchers informed the participants that the aim of the study which is to learn about person's thoughts and actions in regard to social issues such as homosexuality, roles of men and women in the society and alcohol consumption. Those who scored higher were taken by the authors to indicate as having higher levels of sexual prejudice and masculine gender role stress, as well as more traditional gender role beliefs. Extant literature supports the reliability and validity of these measures.

The author found that results on alcohol abuse and sexual aggression were true. Majority of participates who committed acts of aggression in the past year but also drank more than a single drink in a day. These were the perpetrators found as also having a higher ratio of sexual prejudice, masculine gender role stress and traditional male gender role beliefs than for the non-perpetrators. Though results were significant they were said to be weak therefore they are not fully supportive to thee data.

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More also, aggression rate towards sexual minority also differed weakly according to the racial group. The results indicated white men to have less aggression rate as compared to the men of other races. The men number of heavy drinking days and also number of drinks per day also indicated that white men drink more as compared to men of different colors. The size of these effects is also weak therefore not fully supportive. However, the traits like sexuality, prejudice, masculine gender role stress, and endorsement of male role norm was not associated with the alcohol consumption.

The results from the non- heterosexual subjects show that alcohol consumption, both for the white men and men of color is the major cause to aggression towards sexual minorities. In the findings of drinking pattern and aggression pattern, results show that risk of aggression is associated with acute effects of alcohol consumption rather as opposed to the drinking pattern. However, in the case of heterosexual, aggression pattern is not related to the drinking pattern. This suggests that alcohol consumption is not a cause of aggression towards sexual minority in the case of heterosexual men.

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However, results are valid and they indicate a direct relationship between aggression to sexual minority and alcohol consumption. This is evident from the study whereby both the heterosexual and non-heterosexual men have aggression towards sexual minorities when they are under the influence of alcohol intoxication. The major drawback to the study is racial segregation between the two groups. White men took a higher part as compared to other men of individual races under the group of men of color.

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