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The Chinese Party - State System

In China, there is a Falun Gong which is basically a spiritual discipline. Their main purpose is to improve ethics, characters and individual bodies. In the article placed on the Epoch Times in China, the author addresses issues relating to state parties and their main functions. In his article, many issues have been discussed including media, religion, culture and health systems. Economy has been given a wider discussion more than other topic in context. The article explains vividly how practitioners have managed to abuse their own people through doing business with their organs. Most prisoners are normally abused and their organs used for businesses purposes. The author gives some recommendations that the country should ensure that militaries are removed from this business of organ transplant. My main worry is that, will this system really work if the government is behind this business? Other government may not really come in for assistance if their government is on the front line to support this system.

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The author recommends that a new system should be introduced where the donor gives his consent in written that he is willing to donate his organ. This system may not really work. How many people behind bars have been forced to sign documents that they are not willing to sign? In fact, this system may even be a worse scenario in that where as the old system the affected do not know if their organs have been removed, the new system informs the affected that their organs have been removed. This will give them a psychological trauma and thus affect them in a bigger way. The author recommends that an international surgeon should not travel to China to give training on surgery issues. This idea may not work. How many surgeries are being curried on there by the Chinese themselves? In fact, the number of informed surgeons in china is Chinese. To my opinion, the best method is to sensitize the people in the area to be aware that there is this business going on and alert them to take precaution measures.

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The Republic of China should also be sensitized on the long term effects of this process. This will make the government to be on the front line to fight this practice. If the government joins hand with other countries against this practice, it is going to be very easy to eradicate the whole process. Otherwise, this system cannot be controlled without the help of the government especially now that the militaries have been reported to be contributing in a big way on this practice. Kilgour indicates that, organ pillaging must be ceased from all prisoners. This is very possible and in fact it is a very good step forward but on condition that the government is for that idea. If the government does not support this idea, the UN members should come in and insist for this to be done.

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This is just to ensure that everybody has a right to life and has a right to decide what is good or bad for him. Human rights have been neglected in the country and this is not right. Human right bodies must be set and emphasized to ensure that they fight for the rights of the people in china. This as much as may not stop the process completely, it is going to reduce the process in a bigger way. I tend to conquer with the author when he asserts that all the detention centers must be kept open to allow investigations from international bodies.

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