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Juvenile Crime

As I take this opportunity to welcome you back to the beginning of a new year, I am honored to bring to your attention an issue that is critical to our success here in school and even outside our classrooms. I am convinced that we all known that the number of Juvenile crimes are on the rise. With bullying presenting an appalling situation, something must be done about this issue that is threatening to interfere with our academic and social life. I as speak to you this morning, I would like to delve into the topic with the aim of showing that this form of juvenile crime can detrimental to our wellbeing. My efforts will also touch on some of the strategies that students can employ should they find themselves being targets or witnesses of bullying. With these to say before you, I am hopeful that cases of juvenile crime will decrease significantly giving us an opportunity to channel out time and efforts to other meaningful roles in the society.

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Before the end of the last academic year, someone asked me why I was extremely interested on the issue of Juvenile crime. Well, I did not have enough time to explain my reasons for being against it with bullying in particular. However, I must emphasis the bullying has emerged as a form of juvenile crime whose frequency is on the rise in our schools (Rigby 6). Many times, students express behaviors which are both intentional and full of malice towards other student and even end up hurting them. This is bullying and constitutes a form of Juvenile crime which is punishable under the law. As students, I am sure that none of us would be happy to spend time in a juvenile correction center. Therefore, we need to refrain from hurting others in any form lest we fall into the hand of the criminal justice systems. Given that bullying is an offence, we all have the opportunity to stop from ever happening again.

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Apart from bullying being a crime, I am convinced that it does not provide our schools with an enabling learning environment. Contrary, it makes our school systems full of tension, fear and animosity. To me such an environment is counterproductive and does not reinforce our pursuits of academic goals. To illustrate this, let me point out to a case of bullying in a school environment that happened a year ago. The New York Times reports that some students in South Hadley threatened one of their colleagues, a girl named Phoebe prince who ended hanging herself (Eckholm and Zezima para. 1). From this outcome, it is sad to see that a student had to hang herself when something could have been done.

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We have a responsibility to end such menace and make our school an environment where students can enjoy learning and make grow into law abiding citizens. Phoebe prince case is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps this school has bullies who are wondering why I stress that we must stop any form of bullying in our school. While others have faced tragic ends like Phoebe, others remain under pain everyday being wary of those who delight in making them feel suffer and become intimidated in our schools. Not matter how the bullies will consider a valid reason to inflict pain on others, bullying will remain cruel and harmful to the victims as well as its perpetrators (Pickhardt 263). This underscores the reasons why our efforts in ending bullying are welcome.

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Let me shift my attention to the victims of bullying for a while. Though bullying maybe on the rise, students cannot remain to be under the mercy of bullies. Instead, it is important for those who are been targeted to be aware of their rights and ways of escaping from this cruelty. But before someone escapes bullying, it is important to understand how bullying is manifested. It is believed that bullies will inflict pain to others or even pester their victims. In some cases, student are even accompanied by bullies to places like toilets or even made to write for them (Ng and Rigby 50). These signs signal an instance of bullying. If one finds himself or herself in such a situation, it is needful to the student to avoid confrontation with the bullies. Instead, one should report it to the school authorities. With the school having boxes installed in strategic places, it would not be difficult to drop an anonymous note reporting the bullies. If all cases of bullying are reported, I am confident that our school will prove that bullying can be stopped.

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While bullies have victims to target, other students may witness a bullying taking place or just about to. Witnesses of such cases have a duty to report the matter and even discourage it from being committed. If you find yourself in such a situation, make a move and intervene where you can, not by making a fight, but by carefully affirming that bullying is wrong. Care should also be taken to avoid any fight with the bullies who may be ready to hurt anyone who comes on their paths. Most importantly, students should report the bullies to the school authorities for action to be taken against them. I know sometime students may fail to report cases of bullies which as in Phoebe's case. However, reporting will ensure that the bullies will be dealt with accordingly in order to prevent any reoccurrences.

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Evidently, bullying remains to be a vice that has continued to threaten our society. With bullying, students are increasing going through difficulties in schools and homes yet it can be stopped. Both the victims and witnesses of bullying have a duty of reporting bullies to school authorities and at the same time speaking against it. To the bullies, it pays to be good to others and coexist with others rather inflicting pain to others. While bullying remains a challenge to schools, together we can end its occurrence in our midst. Let us get into action this year and make our society free from this cancerous crime.

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