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Growth Industry/Market Selection


As the executive of iPad, being strategically positioned is the major opportunity of the company to take part in leading the world to the technological innovations. This entails the widening up of the industry access to the diverse locations. There is also the utilization of the skills of the personnel in coming up of the attractiveness of the products which will accommodate the demands of all users. Being able to utilize the down-top strategy in coming up with the adequate and satisfying products is what the company should use. This will shake the whole industry in terms of the services and products offered and the technology that is being applied (Ray, 2010).


The market is already anxious to receive the latest applications in the technology world. These are the best techniques which will meet the consumers at their point of need without any aspect of failing them. This is because all the consumers’ needs are met as there is a combination of the mobile applications and the traditional PCs applications. This sense of overlapping the mobile applications in the products will encourage many users to be involved in the utilization of the latest technology. The computer/technology ecosystem is not yet saturated if any with adequate applications hence this raises the concerns and assurance of the company that the iPad technology will be highly accepted. This explains why at every move in technology shift, it attracts massive attention from the users which is reflected in the annual increase in the company sales. The shift from the PCs to the devices which are portable and positively held by the hand is what shakes the industry and encourages the forward move of the entire industry (Sadun, Sande & Grothaus, 2010).

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The iPad test which has attracted more than 5 million viewers is one of the company’s moves toward marketing itself. The use of experimentation for the iPad industry is what will bring the difference between an entrepreneur and any other cooperate manager. Lab use option is what will make the company to sell on top of other companies. The introduction of iPad which does not meet the requirements of a PC will enable the clients to perform several tasks which are important. It enables them to access the internet, e-mail and at times get to view electronic books. This make is also cheap as compared to other versions of its kind (Cusumano, 2010).


The entire industry is experiencing a shift which entices the entire generation that is already utilizing the increased web-delivered applications. This is breaking away from the use of the traditional PCs. There is need for investors to invest in the optimistic Apple company due to its technological value. This will enable it to increase its growth from its sales and the high demand for its products globally. The iPad application is geared towards meeting the requirements of technology innovations of may people in the world hence the strategies utilized for the market growth industry is adequate.

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