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Australian Identity

Australian identity has significantly influenced our life in various ways, from culture, geographical location, its climate, finance, resources, and immigration. Australian culture helps in defining its identity, and largely affect in the way we carry about in our lives. Political factors, such as federation, monarchism, and multiculturalism influence other groups. This is when they immigrate to a particular region or state. Interviewing, film-industry, research and spoken language skills, all have significant influence in the way other people perform the above mentioned duties. We tend to emulate on how the Australian people do things. Not that they do it perfectly, but through immigration and its geographical location, they tend to expose their talents easily to other people.

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Australia's immigration policies have a good, strong anti-racism program to protect its identity. In fact, in Australia, the idea of racism has been widened and saturated so that now, the majority of the opposition to immigration can be discounted as racist. Multiculturalists are against the idea of integration. This is where immigrants are encouraged to adopt Australian culture, as they want them to retain their original cultures and hand over to their successive generations (Elder,C 2008). While it is acceptable those immigrants would have a close association to their place of origin and native culture, incorporation does not demand that they should forget their cultures (White, 1981). But, that those immigrants, and their children, become part of Australia and adjust to the Australian civilization and way of life. So this significantly the way we live and we tend to adapt much in their culture, but not them adapting various cultures of various immigrants. This is rather than give way to momentum to ghettos and cultural groupings inside Australia (R.I.C. Publications, 2007).

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In finance, Australia has managed to export various products, such as films and food products. In this they not only gain financial progress, but they also significantly influence other peoples' cultures. The emergence of the Australian film industry during the last 30 years, for instance, has had a major influence on its cultural consciousness, one that is reasonably bigger than a bare contrast of attendances rates for local and foreign films would show (Bennett, 2001). Local films such as The Castle, have not only resonated with the local audiences, but also the international audience. This is by attracting to home values while demanding attention to the faults domestic insularity in a wider global framework. So it happens that the Australian film industry also influence other film production in various parts of the world. It also affects the behaviors of the youth who like watching films across the globe (Owen, 2002). Australia boast of a lively cultural and creative life and all types of the visual and performing arts have popular followings. The Australian admired culture has also flourish by reaching beyond its own territorial borders. This is both by way of exporting of products like Foster's beer, and Australian Diasporas in London and on the famous backpacking tracks in Europe (Helen, & Murray, 1983). The Diasporas manage to generate large funds and send back to Australia. This helps much in Australia's influence in the economic system. Australia also managed to export cultures, but they run the risk of triteness and distortion, and at worst it may abuse home, limited resources without offering adequate hold-up to local communities. This is a particular worry for Indigenous Australian art (Kjeldsen, & Radio, 1986).

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Australia is a rich mix of culture; this is from various cultures of immigrants. The Australian authorities at all levels are dedicated to up-holding and preserving, promoting and enhancing the nation's cultural inheritance- either by way of tangible items such as drawings, books or natural history samples or intangible items shown in cultures and custom (Povinelli, 1993). This becomes expensive for the Australian government to maintain these cultures, especially when there is a constant flow of immigrants of different cultures. This tends infiltrate government efforts of preserving the Australian cultures. The Australian government offers about $5.5 billion annually for various arts, cultural and heritage purposes. The overall size of Australia's arts and related industries subdivision is estimated at $34 billion. This could be used for other purposes, if it could not have been for infiltration of foreign cultures. The preservation of the Australia's cultures would have been automatic without any need of allocation of finance (Jamrozik, Boland, & Urquhart 1995).

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Immigration violence does exist in Australia, and this is depicted when we look at it from the racism point of view. Educational success has brought about competitive worries over the access over limited education amenities. As immigrants troop in to Australia, their cultures tend to clash with those Australian origins (Clancy, 2004). Various cultures come with their own way of standard of living, and these are different parts of the world. There is also an ongoing problem in immigration detention in Australia. There is, however, an urge for the Australian government to translate its new directions for immigration detention system into law, practice and legislative revolution as soon as possible (Guile, 2005). While it is remarkable that there has been an improvement in the way Australia handles immigration detainees, reports shows that still there are children being held in detention amenities. There also people being apprehended for long and indefinite periods and dilapidated detention facilities being used for accommodation (Mrkus, Jupp & McDonald, 2010).

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It has been highlighted of the gendered nature of Australian immigration policy where women in that process are discriminated. Women were considered as dependents, their position as immigrants depending on their familial characteristics rather than abilities or physical strength (National Library of Australia, 1993). Though, women's age was a main eligibility criterion because it influenced on their ability to bear children. Issues arose in Australia where there were violence and abuse in mixed marriages, home murders and people disappearing, rural and isolated Filipinos (Jupp, 2002). Filipinos have been a group central to immigrant settlement in Australia. The Filipino bride migration conquered the development in Australia. There were also issues which arose which had to do with media stereotyping, Australian sex tourism and children of intermarriages. Churches have been playing a bigger role in supporting Filipino victims of domestic cruelties and in serial sponsorship. The Australian government has put in place policies to do with immigrants to prevent this violence either brought about immigrants or the locals against the immigrants (Craven & British Australian Studies Association, 1994).

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Illegal immigrants creates a lot of problems in Australia, for examples they do not pay taxes, they deny citizens place of work and may be prone to exploitation and organized criminal behaviors. But, the government has provided restriction on these workers, such that if an illegal immigrant is apprehended is to be prosecuted. It is also illegal for a firm or a company to employ an illegal immigrant (Austrlian Bureau of Immigration and Popular Research, 1994). This makes Australia a leading country affects the way we live in these days. It makes the world a better place to live in by curbing criminals (JUpp, 2001; Russell, & Harold, 1926).

In conclusion, Australia has a great significance in influencing our lives. This is right from cultural ethics, finance and standard of living. By restricting immigrants and curbing violence, it has managed to preserve its precious culture (Graetz, & McAllister, 1994). Through its film industry, it has influenced the global film industry (National Library Australia, 1990). Australian government has been exporting products which, in many ways, influence the way we live in the world today. In finance it has been one of the leading major influences in the global market, especially in the eastern part of the global.

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