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The primary objective of this report is to evaluate the lifestyle of people of Green Acres and determine the rights that these people have against the development of the various sites on the green acres. Being that Green Acres is a proposed development site, a lot of people have been moving with various families into the land. It is therefore no doubt that the population of the land is higher than the anticipated capacity. Again following that the site has a very good environment, more travelers keep moving into the area time after time. This has led to claiming of squatter rights. Funny enough, the Kent Unitary Authority grants the title deeds to then given that they do not have enough prove to dispute their claims. Funny activities go on the green acres among them people paying mall fee kind of rent and eventually granted the permission to occupy then land. Poor administration in the land has led to people occupying the land for a long time and therefore they find that at6here is no trouble leaving the land. Faulty promises from the people of Kent Unitary Authority have always failed and all people waiting ambitiously for their actions.

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In regard to your request to acquire some information about the people on Green Acres I am glad to give you the rights that these people might have that are against the development of the land. As you are already aware the lands is entirely supposed to be a development scheme but again following the fact that the land has been an open Mooreland, people have been coming and leaving without proper records of the exact population. The land is just oat the opposite of Austerlands which is found in the Saddleworth parish west of River Medlock. Of late, Green Acres has been a great urban center with densely populated redbrick houses. However, some few cotton plantations can be seen scattered all over the place. Very many highways are able to be seen on aerial view of Green Acres. This means that the area is frequently visited.  This has facilitated urbanization. The land has some traces of coal which in turn has influenced the lifestyle, and various activities that go on in the area.

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Challenges Facing Developments Projects

As we can already predict, there are quite a number of challenges which affect Green Acres development projects. This is why it has been observed to deteriorate tremendously or register no progress at all.

Preservation of farmland

Political problems and greed for personal gain has from time to time affected and led to all other problems that affect the ongoing projects on Green Acres. Poor productions from agriculture and the ever exploding population growth have been the main challenges affecting the stability. In as much as economic reforms are being introduced from time to time in order to address these problems, non-reformists have held back the entire progress. The government if forced to reduce the arable land due to industrialization and urbanization. In as much as Kent Unitary Authority has been appointed by the government to monitor and approve the various projects in the land. "Some laws adopted a size-limit approval mechanism, under which different levels of local government, according to the land area involved, were given authority to approve the use of arable land for construction purposes." (Frances and Angus 1990).

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Land-title system

Land laws are known to introduce changes from time to time. Many changes are therefore expected to have taken course in line with Green Acres projects. This has not been the case however, following that there two types of ownership that the people can enjoy/ first there is that personal ownership of land and also there is state ownership. In personal ownership, individuals claim the land and any ongoing projects are therefore hindered. Such kinds of owners have title deeds which they rightfully show that they should possess the land. State ownership is faced by corruption issues and the land is sold to individuals who eventually gain access to title deeds.

Commercially, land use rights rather than land ownerships a very big hindrance issues that has drawn a major drawback on the ongoing projects in the area. Collective land ownership has many loopholes especially in the transfer and use of the land to various users. Collective use of land rights is more efficient and secure for reasons and other minor land users. These days in Green Acres obtaining grant to use land has become much easier with the local land bureau on a substantial pay of small fee. The grantees will enjoy fixed land grant term and must use land for the purposes specified in the land grant contract. Another right that individuals of Green Acres enjoy is ownership of land for forty years for commercial use and seventy years residential use. This gives occupants of Green Acres to enjoy the rights.

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Again the security tenure system is another right that the individuals have. The legal feature of granted land use right is marketability. This means that the granted land use right may be transferred, leased, or mortgaged in accordance to the law and terms of the land grant contract

There are also other land use rights that include allocated land use right which are obtained through an administrative approval by the government without any pay. Foreign banks are in most cases non-grant allowed to develop Green Acres.

Tightened approval procedure

Some individuals are likely to get into this form of approval through procedures for non-agricultural use of arable land. This is where land can be divided into three types: agricultural land, construction land, and unutilized land. In this case there are the rights of ownership that include size limit approval and land acquisition.

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Financial disincentives

This is a challenge that various individuals occupying Green Acres are using in order to rightfully use the land. These individuals obtain some cash by legally selling or leasing their farm land which they had inherited at absolutely no cost. Through this, local authorities are able to take advantage and receive large amounts of money.

Sincerely speaking, the new land law has had various major legal implications. First, short term land acquisition is favorable but time consuming to land allocators. This is simply because the individuals are not familiar with new procedures which they have to do cautiously. Travelers therefore gain legal access. Penalties and legal invalidity are also likely to rise. It is also likely that implementing regulations for the land use rights is more complex than just grants. Finally, land law reaffirms legality contributions of land use rights.

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All in all it is very unclear whether some modes of land accusations can give joint ventures in land acquisition systems. There could also be some liabilities of contaminated land which authorities assume in favor of occupants. This is avoided in order to avoid unnecessary expenses of restoring the land. It has also been observed that new land laws leave foreigners to invest with mixed feelings.


In conclusion putting back Green Acres into proper use that it was meant for will require proper policies and measures that favor various intended projects. This will in no doubt make the people and foreigners aware of the proper plans for use of the land.

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