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Systems Development Paper

AECOM is a worldwide giver of qualified technical and management support repair and provider that brings forth a range of markets that makes it a director in all key markets that it serves. It furthermore provides a combination of global reach and technical excellence in delivering solutions for the social environment. Thus this paper is bringing forth the system that AECOM has come up with for the company to determine its viability of a better future of both the employees and the customers of the products.

The company recently came up with the system known as the GeoDesign that was meant for sustainable design and planning at the Esri GeoDesign summit. The system was supposed to design and plan by combining the creation of designed proposals that contributes to more sustainable outcomes (Friedman, 2008)

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The benefits of using GeoDesign is that it provides quantitative metrics that are essential to design estimation by incorporating numerous systems in the design process and moreover promote the development of high performance land plans. The system furthermore, can be used to demonstrate innovative techniques for spatial urban design and integrating with a complete sustainability system that ties design decisions to financial side and climate that modify outcomes.

GeoDesign can be used to evaluate the reduction of gases from the Green House in wide-scale areas and can also be used to analyze the process of assembling and the ability of evaluating performance metric sustainability in the most cost-effective and efficient. Thus the system enables one not to just rely consistently on the intuitive judgment by reviewers but instead calculates the key performance by using programmatic and spatial patterns of the plan alternatives hence in the position of making enough profits that lead to the development of the company.

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