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Market Segmentation

The new Sony Ericson W395 advertisement has been tailored to primarily target teenagers and generally the young consumers. I strongly believe that this advertisement was successful in reaching the targeted market segment due to the well executed marketing techniques used by the company.

Sony Ericson did not focus entirely on marketing the W395 through technology conventions which enabled it to reduce costs dramatically. The company used many influential people in their online advertisements such as music industry personalities and celebrities leading to what many refer to as Walkman Craze. I believe the inclusion of celebrities in the walkman advertisement propelled the brand’s success. The adverts include celebrity testimonials which notably appealed to the consumers as well as give the advertisements greater degree of interest: this will lead to greater sales of the walkman phone. The advertisement also used celebrities who are closely linked to the Sony Ericson brand name which in my opinion enables the consumers to link both the brand being advertised to the celebrity.

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The advertisement also highlights the phones main features and improvements such as built in stereo speakers, radio, Track ID for identifying songs, enhanced music equalizers, Bluetooth wireless speakers etc which in turn fueled its success in reaching the young consumers. Notably, the walkman advertisement focuses more on the benefits of the walkman instead of its features, this marketing technique tunes in on consumers emotions and not on their ability to spot features and details. In my opinion, the advertisement follows the principal “benefits sell but features only tell” By stressing the benefits of the walkman instead of focusing purely on its new features, this makes the product more irresistible to youthful consumers. The benefits highlighted in the Sony Ericson Walkman advertisement add meaning, weight, relevance and purpose to the product.

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The success of the walkman advertisement is also due to careful and appropriate selection of the market segment i.e. the youth consumers. The youthful population often buy luxury items and focus on music related products and electronics. Sony Ericson capitalized on this fact and tailored the advertisement to appeal to teenagers as well as timed the advertisement to air on mainstream media in between popular teen TV shows. Through targeting the young consumers, Sony Ericson has secured future consumers since the youth are future adult buyers. The walkman advert not only advertises but attempts to build brand loyalty in the target market. The walkman advertisement enforces the Sony Ericson brand recognition in the young population in order to create a lifetime brand loyalty. Sony Ericson Corporation has gone a step ahead to promote its walkman brand to the youth by funding educational materials to schools as well as directly funding school projects at the same time using these events to advertise the walkman brand.

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Another strength in the W395 advertisement, which I believe will lead to its success is the slogan used: “most inexpensive Slider Walkman to date”. This slogan is recognizable, catchy and has a way of being memorable in one’s mind. It also gives the consumer the impression that the phone is very affordable and reasonably priced. This slogan leaves the walkman brand name in the consumers mind as well as reinforces the Sony Ericson brand identity. This slogan enables the company to market the walkman continuously even in future advertisement campaigns and it also minimizes the overall message to a memorable and brief statement. The slogan also uses unqualified comparison i.e. it does not tarnish other company’s product while marketing itself although it brings the impression that the walkman is cheaper than other products. In essence the advertisement sticks to commercial practice ethics which I believe will fuel its success.

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