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Choosing a Nature Magazine

With the high numbers of magazines in the market, one would find it a rather challenging task to choose a specific magazine on any area. There are hundreds of regular magazines in all areas of study; from economics, finance and business to sports, health and fitness. For example, there are more than one hundred major global magazines on environment and natural studies alone. With the close similarities and the fact that a group of magazines would address one general field of study or concern, the people in the modern society require detailed analysis and assessment before identifying specific magazines they would love to subscribe to.

National Geographic is a popular nature magazine issued once every month. The science magazine focuses on nature and biodiversity. Much of the magazine’s content is composed of the current ecological state in various regions of the world, but lays more emphasis on America. All issues contain detailed information on features of biodiversity and ecological science with special interest on relationship between natural habitats, ecosystem health and species. National Geographic is organized in a systematic manner, with the features being arrayed under different but related categories; a trait also exemplified by Natural History. The articles are delineated, after the editor’s note, as main feature, nature and ecology, contemporary prospects in science and technology, visions of earth, flash back, and special series. On the other hand, Natural History, however having a similar layout, has more than one major feature under different categories of natural sciences. Of note is that, majority of the advertisements in both magazines are related to the natural environmental facilities and firms offering such services. Picturesque tourist destinations and hotels, and scenic nature parks and site fill their advertisement sections, together with major global brands in various business industries.

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Natural History magazine, in like manner focuses on the state of the natural environment around the world, with more global view in comparison to similar magazines. Whereas National Geography is issued monthly, Natural History has ten issues per year. It goes without saying that, Natural History is purely centered on the nature studies and ecological sciences, detailing in-depth relationship between species and their environment; at considerably deeper level than provided by National Geography. A larger section of the content articles detail gradual changes in the natural world that have taken place in view of the global environmental issues especially climate change and pollution. The articles are arranged in topical sections under climate change, environmental issues, water, natural resources, wildlife, and social culture. Formatting of the different articles is carried out with arrangement under the identified areas of natural science that each article fits, making it easier for readers to find significant areas of interest easier. In similar fashion, both magazines target the wider audience of individuals with interest on nature and environment. However, Natural History attracts scholars, students and individuals with a deeper interest in biodiversity, ecology and conservation sciences.

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Both magazines are among the top-most renowned natural science magazines around the globe. They both have similar arrangement of articles with marked resemblance in the highlighted features. Being concerned with contemporary issues facing the natural environment, National Geography and Natural History have indistinguishable writing styles and tone. Other than their distinctive titles, the two magazines exhibit other differences integral to their specific audiences. Whereas National Geographic carries a more a social cultural approach to natural sciences, Natural History outlines deeper scientific information in its features. Furthermore, Natural History focuses much more on ecology and biological sciences with little highlight on earth sciences as opposed to National Geography. Besides this, Natural History does not cover a series on a given topic, but focuses on different angles to the story. This is a stark dissimilarity considering the fact that National Geography carries regular series of articles that follow up emerging issues on a given location of environmental interest.

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Considering the differences and similarities between the magazines, would settle for Natural History as the magazine of choice. The decision to subscribe to the magazine rather than its competitor is informed by the fact that I love nature, and find ecological studies interesting. I personally find detailed scientific information intriguing, and love to analyze such data. In conclusion, after comparing the magazines, subscribing to Natural History would aid me focus on my areas of interest within this wide area.

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