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A Good Citizen

The question of how a good citizen should behave has always been asked by many people time and again. For a good citizen to show qualities of leadership and equality he must have respect for other people and what is rightfully theirs (Davies et al p 23). In the 21st century, for somebody to be regarded as a good citizen, it means one is ready to help other people regardless of their race, whether black or white without discrimination of any kind. Unfortunately, this has remained a vocabulary and only a handful of individuals practice or has the above virtues (Davies et al p 25). It is difficult to find people in the society who are willing to put their own affairs aside to help others first. In some situations, some people have even been regarded as outdated and retrogressive for putting others as their priority (Davies et al p 28). What most people don't realize is that, if the above mentioned virtues were to be practiced by everybody, there would be no such issues as racism, inequality to mention but a few (Davies et al p 30). This essay will address issues of how to show leadership, equity in culture, race and style of living. It will attempt to answer questions such as, how can we respect others culture, how can we stay without racism, how can we live peacefully with others among others.

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Given that culture assures people survival and how to adopt to their environment, it is advisable for people in the 21st century to try and respect other's culture regardless of how retrogressive and backward it might appear (Riley, p 34). Culture shapes how a given group of individuals behave and think. It would then translate that, it is hard for somebody to try and change the way a person stays (Riley, p 38). To avoid heartache, the simplest thing to do is to respect the culture of that other person. It might even happen that; the culture you are recommending to that other person is not the best. All cultures are the same and should be respected. The decision of which culture to follow should be left to an individual to decide. He or she can decide whether to drop it or adopt another one (Riley, p 40).

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Race refers to the way individuals are classified depending on such things such as their culture, way of speaking, and complexion among other things. As societies continue grouping people in regard to their race, many observers have always gone against the idea (Aronson, p 123). This idea of grouping people according to their looks has resulted to too many problems including loss of lives, due to discrimination. The reason behind this is because others, and especially the white, have always regarded the blacks as lesser beings (Aronson, p 127). In the twenty first century, such vices are being dealt with accordingly. Racism has resulted to some people losing precious opportunities as a result of being discriminated due to their color. In such events like Olympic Games, such gatherings which bring the world together have always been used to sensitize people against racism (Aronson, p 133). In the recent soccer games that involved many countries of the world, the vice was always talked about. This is a clear indication that leaders across the world are ready to do anything and to use all means to fight racism. This is indeed a characteristic of good leadership. All individuals regardless of their color or place of origin are entitled to human rights and should not be discriminated whether black or white. They should be respected as such by all (Aronson, p 138).

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Style of living can sometimes be regarded as mode of living. A given group of people have their own mode of living and so are individuals. A style of living is in most cases determined by an individual's financial capability (Aronson, p 146). Most people admire the luxurious way of life which demands one must be equally loaded financially. In the 21st century, the styles of living have changed a lot and many things have been made easier by technology. Whichever way, a good citizen should have respect for other's style of living and should not try to change it (Aronson, p 148). In the same manner, ones style of living should not interfere with others. It is better to live your live the best way you know how without becoming a bother to others. In addition, one can only advise somebody on the style of living but cannot make a decision for a person on which style to follow (Aronson, p 150).

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A good citizen will always listen and weigh the views of others. Listening to what others have to say shows you have a respect for them and that you are putting their views and opinions into consideration (Riley, p 44). This is nothing short of a 21st century citizen. Lending a helping hand to other regardless of their culture, race, or style of living is a good thing to do. This involves even having in mind their environment is safe (Riley, p 49). To conclude, I would say that, equality in all aspects in day to day life is a requirement if people are to live in a peaceful way. When a person despises the other because of his color or place of origin, peace cannot be realized in such ways (Riley, p 52). It is good to be well behaved and do everything with others in your mind. A 21st century citizen is selfless and not self centered. What is good for the society comes first in ones minds because it will benefit all. The above and many others are qualities of a good society (Riley, p 54).

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