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Why Nuclear Power Should Be Adopted

Nuclear power is the amount of energy that is produced with the use of controlled nuclear reaction. Many countries use nuclear power plants to generate powerful military and civilian use. Some countries use it for running parts of their naval fleets especially submarines.

Some countries favor an expansion of nuclear power plants because it is a type of energy which is cleaner than fossil fuels such as coal. Although nuclear power has associated problems including the safe disposal of radioactive waste products, it should be adopted if properly used. People working in the field have raised a lot of reasons why nuclear power should be adopted, but it still remains optimistic about nuclear power. Many scientists encourage expansion of nuclear power industries because they are much far better than use of other power plants thus should be innovated.

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Reasons for adopting nuclear power

Nuclear power has a number of benefits over its competitors including coal, oil, wind power, hydroelectricity and near-term solar power. Those with noble intentions but poor understandings of the benefits and risks of modern nuclear plants oppose the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power is the best alternative because if well used can improve safety for a long time. Nuclear power is suspiciously looked upon due to its association with a nuclear bomb as well as salience emotion of radioactive waste (Suppers and Storvick 316).

Coal costs are competitive, yet it is the principal source used in the world. Therefore, nuclear power should replace coal they are more efficient and cheaper to manufacture than bother normal power sources. They are more nuclear weapons that can be used in military purposes because they are more efficient killers. The cost effectiveness and efficiency to kill are some of the main benefits of adopting nuclear weapons. They kill faster because their reaction when a nuclear explodes contain a million times energy more than the normal weapons.

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Abundant uranium as the source material, a single kilogram of uranium produces a lot of energy than 200 barrels of oil, and it is normally common as tin. Thanium, which is more abundant can be converted into uranium which is too unstable, for bombs using, and broken down for other same quantities of nuclear. Although, nuclear power is relatively expensive at first build but they are cheaply operated. A nuclear plant has become more economical when comparing with other power plant such as coal plants, oil and gas due to the rising cost of fossil fuels. A country having uranium deposits will economically benefit from the use of nuclear weapons. Manufactured nuclear weapons from uranium can be used to defend the country and even sell to oversee market thus creating international relations in the export industry and economy (Suppers and Storvick 315).

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The amount of waste produced is the least of any significant energy production process. When nuclear energy is used it is stored and sent like a waste. Nuclear produces less carbon dioxide than any other power plants. Scientists tried and tested nuclear energy and broadly safe thus should be used because it is the future of the earth. Nuclear fission does not even cause any carbon dioxide in the air. It only creates it when using mining techniques of carbon dioxide. Nuclear should be used because it is not poisonous as long as people follow safety precautions especially working on the plant. People claim that Chernobyl kill, but the accident only occurred because the technicians were running two tests therefore, safety precautions are highly required when operating the plant (Makhijani 37).

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Nuclear energy provides many benefits other than electricity generation. A radioactive material produced in reactors is used in medicine therapeutic treatments and diagnostics, inspection of the weld and power sources in interior areas, irradiation of food and space applications. Nuclear gives abundant energy than other alternatives for a reason known to the existence of fundamental laws. Four fundamental forces exist in nature that is the strong nuclear force which holds the atomic nuclei together. The weak force of nuclear also mediates radiation, the electromagnetic force and force of gravity. Nuclear force, which liberates the strong nuclear force, is much stronger than electromagnetic force which is liberated by conventional, chemical reactions.

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The energy produced per amount of material consumed is the highest available in the world. Nuclear power should be adopted because it is one the principal method of attaining the community's target of reducing gas emissions responsible for global warming. Nuclear power critics suggest that the main reason of adopting nuclear power is to give a justification for building a new generation of nuclear reactors. Nuclear power should be adopted because they will help to meet the longer-term target in the near future.

Nuclear power is the current, essential source of carbon-free electricity thus needs to be adopted. It is an attractive option for new, carbon-free generating capacity, and it has beneficial issues of nuclear waste that need to be solved. In future nuclear power will be necessary if the he countries want to meet their carbon targets. Greenpeace hold the view that emissions of carbon will be more cost-effectively through investing in a decentralized nuclear power energy system. This nuclear power energy will maximize use of heat combination, and power and other renewable energy sources.

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All countries should adopt nuclear power because it is more efficient that other sources of energy. Nuclear power is more sustainable and it serves a number of people even in the remote locations and their uses are many.

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