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Family with Disabled Child

The one major problem faced by families having disabled children is giving them proper attention and care. I have noticed one of my family members with a disabled child suffering to communicate with the child in the proper manner. Parents should be very well counseled and trained in taking care of a disabled child. A disabled child is one who is physically or mentally impaired as a result of illness, genetics or accidents. It is emotionally and physically overwhelming for a parent to attend to the needs of a mentally or physically challenged child.

Giving full time care to a disabled child can be very exhaustive even with the full support of family and friends. They need extra care and love from the parents and require extra motivation in every sphere of their activity. There has been birth of disabled children in families since ever and giving attention and care to them is becoming of more importance with changing time. The people who suffer extremely are the immediate family members of the disabled child. The community is affected by this as it cannot correspond well with disabled child and can offer limited help to them.

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In order to ease the situation, the parents should take the help of care giving services provided by the community. Medical and non – medical services provided by the community should be utilized completely. These include, physical therapy, counselling, food services etc.Some communities provide day care and also health services for disabled children.

By doing all these parents can give full support to the child and this in turn will improve the living quality of the child. When the child is allowed a life in a home care, they are groomed well emotionally and physically .In the future the child becomes efficient enough to carry their own activities independently which will brighten their future.

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