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Efficiency of Hybrids

The question of the efficiency of hybrids has been an issue for both media headlines and general discussion boards including interviews. The subject of concern has actually been whether the hybrids are more efficient as compared to those that are conventional. This paper explores whether the hybrids are better in their efficiency than any other make.

The issue that touches on efficiency has been something that many people who want to invest in buying a new car consider. This has been the case particularly for those who want to try hybrids. Hybrids demand the dimension of a car, the engine power and its fuel utilization rate.

Efficiency in this case means the amount of usage and benefit in relation to the amount of energy invested on a car for example. Examples of hybrids include battery dormant motor hybrids that use electric energy and compact fluorescent bulbs (Sandalow, 2009).

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Hybrids are hard to find and maintain especially in developing countries making them inefficient. They are not maintenance and cost friendly to many people (Thorpe, 2007).

Hybrids have been perceived not to be ineffective as people would not have expected. Manufacturing hybrids in the first place has been found to be more expensive than conventional engines. They require particular provisions from manufactures that have to do with resistance, usage, grip, and traverse quality and clamor level. Thus they require a lot of attention and more expensive materials making them inefficient (Sawyer, 2004).

Hybrids require a higher amount of energy as compared to conventional engines. Although they use electric power, the electric power hey require is higher in terms of energy as compared to conventional engines. So hybrids are not energy efficient. This is especially the case with large hybrid engines (Anderson and Anderson, 2010).

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Hybrids for instance compact fluorescent bulbs save heat and produce a lot of light. Nevertheless they are twice as expensive as convention incandescent bulb. So although incandescent bulbs do not last long enough they can be bough cheaply as many tomes as they burn making fluorescent bulbs that are hybrids inefficient in terms of cost (Icon Group International, 2008).

With the above factors hybrids are convenient to use but their maintenance and availability and cost issues make them inefficient. Many people have a preference towards conventional things than hybrids.

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