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India Ethnic Cleavages and Democracies

India is currently the biggest democracy in the world where the population is more than one billion. The Hinduism is the biggest religion in the India with Islam, Christianity and Buddhism to follow. Over the time India has played every effective role in stabilizing itself. The political system of India is very strong and responsible and overtime has emerged to play a positive role for all the religions it contains. More importantly Indian government has always implemented certain rules and regulations which are not biased towards Hinduism or any other religion. Every religion has given its rights to be practiced freely. There have been several instances where the fights between Hindus and Muslims fired up but no one has ever gone against their identity as an Indian. Indian people have always emphasized much on being an Indian rather than known by their religion.

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This has not been easy for the Indian politicians to combine the difference in heritage and cultures. Various divisions provide far more implications and the population of one billion increases the responsibility. They have been able to place the equal rights for all the citizens. They have implemented equal education possibilities for all of them. They have given every religion a place in their constitution and in the parliament and moreover no designation is there where no one can get. Even the president of the India is a Muslim which are a minority in India stating the fact that religion don’t describe any boundaries on them. Indian government has provided equal humanitarian rights and equal business opportunities. Their army has people from every culture and society and religion. Thus the success of the Indian democracy is because they have followed all the important aspects of the democracy. Keeping the ethnic origins in tact the designed policies have allowed them to work out best in their interest. The main motto has been to develop into a social economy where the main emphasis of all the people is work together. The discrimination and racism factors are still present in some parts of the country but overall India has maintained better propositions towards a great democracy.

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