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Success in College

The college life is an important step in the learning not only as a student but also as an individual. The life experiences in the college provide a strong base for the future to face the problems in a better way. The same happened to me as well as I entered the college. I was pretty involved in the student organizations in the high school which worked for the welfare of the students and this was my chance to develop on these issues here in college. I always relished helping the students in a way where they can be guided better in academics and other parts of their curriculum.

When my classes started, one senior teacher asked for a representative of the class on which there will be further responsibilities. I showed my eagerness to be that one and after a small informal interview I was appointed as the new class representative. This was a whole new experience. I hadn’t represented in my high school so it was like an honor as well and I wanted to pay my duties honestly. My responsibilities were different from time to time as the circumstances required. First of all I had to handle all the students in the class. I have to monitor their behaviors and if there was any problem with the students I could go to them personally and tried to state that their behavior might not be good for other class. Due to the rank I had in the class the students always listened to me whatever I said and even I never tried to take a negative advantage of that which students realized and watched me as an honest person who would not take any steps that could harm the class structure and my personal honest terms and conditions for myself.

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This just was the start and I had to be same like this for four years. I had to represent my class in the student union body where various recommendations and suggestions were forwarded to the body to take decisions that would be better for the students overall. I was being very honest and very conclusive in my approach towards the welfare of the students and any recommendation which I forwarded carried weight. Also because my class fellows respected me, I got respect from my peers as well.

With responsibilities come by constantly, I started to had problems with my known academics. At this stage I started to plan my time table to such an extent where I minimized my sports activities to a certain level and added that time to my studies. I also had to submit the biweekly report to the student body about the class behaviors both in studies and extra curricular activities. The recommendations of the student body were very important in the final mark sheet as the conduct of the student weight a bit too. Thus I also was indulged in making those reports as well. In this situation I was sometime getting frustrated and thought to quit the job that was putting extra burden on myself but resisted this as I thought I was learning something and that is what college is about. I was learning the management of the students. This management would play an important role in my future as I might have some employees working under me and I have to both take care of them and provide them their benefits which they must get. So all in all it was turning out to be a good learning experience and I restrained myself from quitting it many times.

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After the first year, the central elections had to take place where anyone can stand for the post of president as the previous president just passed out. After carefully going through my options and suggestions from my friends, I stood in the election. Until this time I had arranged a good following and my goodwill was known throughout college. I had to cover more students as well in my campaign that could guarantee my win in the elections. The elections took place and not surprisingly I took the honors of being the president and I was the first one ever to become a president just after one year at my college suggesting my good repute in the university.

This job brought me new responsibilities and new challenges. I had to devote my whole time to the problems of the students. It was a part of my plan to conduct surveys with the students to make myself know about the current feeling of students towards college and myself as being president. After reviewing these surveys I was of the point that students felt that they are lacking good sports activities either in their college or around as there were not many playgrounds. I recommended for a playground with facilities to the college administration and depicted the fact that students are not getting enough facilities that might make them to use other ways to enjoy which might not be worth happening. The playground was built and students really enjoyed this gesture from the college.

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In a similar way I forwarded certain strategies for the college administration that they could take into account for the better consumption of the college resources. New teachers were hired. The administration of the student body was redesigned with different divisions each of which had a different task. One division was emphasizing on the teaching capabilities and the quality of teachers, other was looking at the sports facilities and another working to figure out the educational facilities like new buildings recommendations. The college administration sometimes felt that the student body was interfering too much in there way of work but I made them clear that the student body will do everything that is worth doing for the welfare of students. This was followed by long term plans as well like the future tournaments and study competitions in the college which should be carried out on regular basis even when I was gone.

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On the whole, the learning experience as the president of the student body was very impressive and relishing. I enjoyed every bit of the responsibility I had both as president and as a student. This helped me in organizing myself as a leader and at the same time as a student. I learnt to deal with different kinds of people, learnt how to convince the people especially by convincing college administration, it made me a lot of self belief that I can even work very well with my employer. I learnt to classify same things in divisions and then working them out as a plan to bear maximum benefits. This is what a college is all about. The personal grooming, the mental grooming, the experience and the exposure all help in the future. This is how the success can be dictated for a person as I did it. I feel very proud and honored having been a part of such a successful venture and turning out a dull student body into an active one which can be an example for all those who will follow to take control of the student body.

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