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The Popular American Culture

In the older days the civilization and interaction was limited to communities in a similar geographical area but with the emergence of the internet things have since changed. Today its more than just one single local interacting and has changed to a global village where people are interacting with each other and acquiring cultures which are not there's. These are some of the aspects which have led to the development of American culture and its popularity on the international scene. Through the technology where people are always are aware of what is happening on the other side and tend to admire some of the cultural aspects of the Americans.

The key principles that are driving this culture is mainly made up of around three major components, the popular culture known as pop is the leading force which is driving this attractions. The others are the movies and music which are heavily influencing all the trends around the world from the fashion sense to consumer buying rates of certain products. The other symbols of the American culture also include some of its brands which have since become global household names implying the drive of the culture is actually affecting economies due to the invasion by these foreign brands which tend to overshadow the local products (Bellah, 1).

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According to Tapan (1), historically humans have always had conflicts especially if they belonged to different societies. But in America this has proved to work against history, this is because the country was made by different immigrants who saw the new world as a chance to make a new life for them and shifted. These various cultural backgrounds have since mixed and evolved in the course of many generations eventually producing a culture that is admired globally and accepted by many. Instead of the diverse cultures proving to be a stumbling block for these people it actually united the4m as they learned new ideas and technology which they combined to make a global power that is today admired by many.

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The success story of the USA where it has managed to overcome the typical blocks which many countries encounter has led it to be admired by many countries globally, this coupled with its global leader country sets a role model for the relatively young and developing countries that still have many problems to deal with. So for the residents in this developing countries to escape the problems and flaws in their societies use the opportunity by imitating American traits from the culture to the fashion sense while hoping in the long run maybe their own people may come to have such a united and all accommodating culture. Sometimes the multinational societies do integrate but the results are negative as a people can pick some cultural habits fro the others which will resulting the corrosion of their culture to the adoption of the new found one leading to loss of culture (Koekemoer& Bird, 69).

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The American culture has managed to dazzle many and due tit is it is admired by many overseas leading to its massive rise in popularity than any other culture in the world. Cottrell (89) states this has mainly been brought about by the effect of globalization which has resulted in the easy exchange and openness in all activities. This has been massively promote by the influence through the mass media especially movies and music has a global appeal from the Middle East to the Asia. This has led to the increased fear that the influence it's exerting from the markets to consumer markets will also stream to economies resulting in undesired effect.

The most influential of the American culture is the music followed by the movies produced and the internet sites most of which are based in the America like the Twitter and Facebook. The pop culture which has been heavily popularized by the celebrities is another factor which has led to the appeal that is given to the American culture. The theme parks which started in the America have since spread to as far as the Middle East, this coupled with the fact that the USA is a global economic giant is some of the factors leading to this appeal as the other countries try to emulate what she is doing.

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In this capitalist times when everything is done and driven by hard work and the need to achieve people will tend to want go for what they believe Is the best and with the mass media doing massive marketing of the culture through television, music and movies the appeal is increased leading to demand for more American products which will come along with their culture and I the long run lead to adoption of some of the traits seen on the mass media. With these factors in hand its safe to say the USA will maintain its leadership role on the economic level due to the bulk of trade that is derived from the demand for the American culture that many strive to achieve this culture(Manning , 152).

According to Jessica (1), the American culture has had some positive inputs in the other cultures around the world; many would argue that its result has been the erosion of their cultures but in there progress in different angle. The political system employed by the government of the USA is one of the most effective systems of governance available in the planet which have led to governments and countries particularly the young ones from the third world to adopt some of these laws employed there and borrow a few other details while making their constitution.

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In the technological aspect there are many things which have been invented by the Americans and end up being household products globally. The internet has further raised the stocks of the American culture by the fact that they have sites which are used by millions of people world wide, sites like Facebook and Twitter have since become accepted universally as social network sites which are used everywhere with the basic concepts being forged from the American culture as it is from it that such ideas came to be.

The other major influence that has notable significance is in the form of literature; various American poets and literature greats wrote many books and poems which today are being used all over the world especially when teaching students in schools and universities hence the contribution of education to other parts of the worlds. The idea of capitalism has always been the brain child of the USA and it has defended it while trying to make other smaller countries buy into the idea rather communism, the former is fair in that it teaches people the significance of working hard as the harder you work the more you make unlike communism which is harsh on the successful ones (Haisha, 1).

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Due to these many business setups have been borrowed from the American way to ensure its eventual success. Sue to this despite the critics claiming it is full of negative traits only, the culture has impacted very positively around the leading to its increased popularity (WPO, 1).

Coming from a different culture can have effect on the understanding of another culture. This is in that the practice is odd and probably goes against all the norms one is used to or has been practicing throughout life. This is also meaning accepting a way of life that previously was thought to be obsolete or irrelevant. This will result in an attitude which will either be positive or negative depending on the admiration or despise that develops from the first impression. Through this, the urge to learn and associate with new culture can be developed or interest lost hence eventually affecting how one will react to a foreign culture. According to Bellah (1) most Americans are strict when it comes to culture and believe their culture has not been influenced by any other culture forgetting the fact the country was made up my migrating settlers who have slowly migrated and expanded the population in course of the centuries since its beginning. And up to date there people who migrate each year to the country ad continually is enriching the culture.

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The American people are very proud of their culture due to the achievements made in the last few decades in terms of acceptance to many ideas in the terms of policies. These factors have led many to admire this culture as it portrays the all that needs to be done to allow a society to run smoothly. The fact of the matter is despite its success in terms of economics and politics the single most admired and spearheading the spread of the American culture in the world is its entertainment. Through this which includes music, television and movies it has attracted a global culture which spreads from the greater Asia to Africa and appealed to audiences of varying age, culture and class. Due to its diverse nature its believed these trends will last for many generations to come without being overtaken by any other.

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