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Understanding Terrorism Motivation

Terrorism is differentially defined among the various government, state agencies and other security organizations dealing with counterterrorism issues. However, the principle concepts of terrorisms reflected in all these definitions involves coercive furtherance of a political ideology in an organizational set up, without discrimination of combatant and non-combatant rivals (Townshed, 2002). The cardinal concept in this coercive furtherance of political goals is the element of intense fear (terror) associated with these coercive onslaughts. Terrorism unlike war, targets both the combatant and non-combatant group entrenched in the conflict or target zone.

In this essay, the writer focuses on terrorism as both a political and religious coercive onslaught of the western countries; Europe and the United States, mostly by Middle East Muslims, terror groups (Hoffman, 2006). The focus is more on the motivational causation of these terror groups, with less emphasis on the implication of these onslaughts.

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From Max's social philosophy theory of religion, the terror aspect mostly associated with Muslim faith emanate from religious inversion. This involves the Koran's idealism of the cosmic world with the eternal, heavenly word being percepted to be the only realistic existence. This is fostered in the terror camp through over-emphasis on Jihad verses of the Koran. The Muslims transnational actors in the guise of civic American citizens are easily malleable to the appeals of terror group's recruiters. These American citizens fail to shed off their human nature pursuits of religious gratification for a social contract consensus of building a discrete country (council, 2002). Their citizenship through registration, does not make them part of the social contractors that built the United States or any other legislative citizenly nation. Civil allegiance and national identity of these Jihads, indoctrinated extremists is to their naturally social contracted, citizenly that appeals to their religious, Islamic, human nature.

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Traditional state promotion of terrorism, occurs when the citizens of a country functions as a discrete human nature cannibalizing on the civil liberties of other nations. It involves a social contracted discrete state, enjoying absolute freedoms, which extrapolates to the rights of other nations. The objective is a competitive acquisition of the world's natural resources.

Sub-state grouping of European Union has been negatively interpreted as furtherance of white supremacist socio-economic and political privileges. With the euro rated second among the world's strongest currency, such a claim is economically justifiable. The economic deplorable conditions of Asia-Pacific nations which host the terror group, is attributed to the exploitation of European sub-state economic grouping (Ahmad, 2002). Retaliatory measures to counter this sub-state human nature cannibalization of these poor citizens resources is meted out in form of reverting to the savage nature of individualistic self nature in terrorism.

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