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Carnivorism refers to a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. The individual's diet mainly comprises of animal based food i.e. fats and meat and hence the name carnivorism. It is usually adapted as a weight loss strategy and there are numerous success stories. The morality of carnivorism is going to be evaluated via different perspectives and this includes Kantian, utilitarian and virtue theory.

Kantianism advocates for morality and sensitizes the importance of individual rights, minority protection, human dignity and respect. In addition it promotes the maintenance of good will and this should never be forfeited at the expense of obtaining gratification. Therefore carnivorism is not morally right according to Kantianism. Carnivorous has adverse effects on health as the body results to fat metabolism to yield energy in the absence of glycogen residues. Ketone bodies are the end products of fat metabolism and their accumulation can cause liver damage and death. Everyone is morally obliged to safeguard individual health. Therefore it's wrong to compromise health in order to lose weight. Carnivorous individuals willingly inflict harm upon themselves as their sole focus is a desirable body type.

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Utilitarianism contrasts with Kantianism as it accesses morality by evaluating an action's end results. In essence the end is truly justified by the means. Carnivorism appears moral in this light as an individual's goal is mainly to lose weight. Obese and overweight people are justified in embracing carnivorism as a weight loss strategy. These two conditions predispose one to several health conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke and even death. Therefore one should use any means possible to shed off excess weight.

The virtue theory differs from both utilitarianism and kantianism as it lays emphasis on individual character as opposed to action outcome. Depending on the circumstance, carnivorism can be justified. It is alright if carnivorism is the last option for an obese individual to lose weight. A normal diet can resume after attainment of healthy weight. Conversely it is also wrong to embrace carnivorism as a life long eating regime in order to maintain a desirable body figure. The later predisposes an individual to numerous health risks.

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