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Eating Habits

Humans can survive for days without food and water. Their survival without food depends with fat storage in the body which can support between two to eight weeks as compared to water where one can survive for two to four days only. Human nutrition is concerned with provision of materials that support life (Kaufman, 2007).

Over last week, I ate a variety of meals which include hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, milk, cereal, bread and soft drinks amongst many. I aimed at satisfaction thus I wouldn't categorically say that I observed quality. Although the USDA encourage on good proportions of the food groups, it may be very difficult to observe. The food groups include carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetable and dairy. To observe these groups may be hindered due to classification of the real food to their groups. For example, botanically, tomatoes should be a fruit but many consumers use it as a vegetable (Kaufman, 2007).

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For a balanced diet, it should contain carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Some types of food are more sweet and appetizing which can determine my purchase and compromise the diet observance. My ability to purchase these foods is also a limiting factor to a balanced diet. My today's eating habits can affect my future health because I mostly take large quantities of protein and carbohydrate and little if any amounts of vitamin, minerals and fibers. Some of the illnesses caused by improper consumption of nutrients include; diabetes mellitus and obesity caused by simple and complex carbohydrates when taken in excess; low levels of sex hormones caused by deficiency of saturated fats and cardiovascular disease caused by excess consumption.

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Deficiency of proteins causes kwashiorkor while lack of vitamin A can cause Xerophthalmia and when in excess causes Hypervitaminosis. Lack of vitamin B1 causes Beriberi, vitamin C- scurvy and Vitamin D- rickets (Kaufman, 2007). All of the above illnesses can be consequences for my eating habits on my future health. They can be caused by either deficiency or excess consumption.

USDA guidelines are clear and help to maintain good health. I have not been able to observe them due to many factors which include: to meet the requirement of five fruits a day is difficult. With industrialization, there has been a great change in nutrition especially with presence of preserved foods as well as development of processing industries. It is very difficult to get fresh foods which are very nutritional in their natural state. Also, lack of finances contributes to the poor nutrition because the processed foods that are more nutritious are much expensive, to get them in their natural state is a bit difficult hence resolving to the less nutritious but cheap foods (Kaufman, 2007).

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Other factors that have contributed to low observance of nutrition requirement include: food selection in my eating patterns which may not put into consideration the nutrients as well as risks. The selection may be guided by either satisfaction which means quantity determined by like and taste sense. Motivational issue from family and friends that affect my eating behavior i.e. junk food, frequent eating and even the type of food I take. Sometimes, there is need to promote my health which may influence my search of dietary advices. This may cause ignorance of some food with certain nutrients while I focus to achieving optimal health.

Lastly, there is traditional classification of food and USDA classification. They differ in the use of food in different conditions with an example of a corn. A fresh cooked corn is considered a vegetable while if dried it is a grain. This makes it difficult to determine the type of food I eat. There is need for nutrition guideline observance in order to prevent illnesses in future and lead healthy lives. We need to understand the nutritional value of the foods we take.

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