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Case 3

The position that Dr. Johnson held as the custodian of the lockbox where narcotics were stored meant that he had uncontrolled access to it which was not well monitored by others. There were also no strict rules regarding the doses given to patients and Dr. Johnson abused his responsibility which came with prescribing the narcotics to patients.

The Community Hospital bears some responsibility for Dr. Johnson’s situation in that they gave him too much leeway and trusted him too much without proper supervision of how drugs were being prescribed. Furthermore, when the matter was reported to the authorities, they did not follow up on it and therefore made Dr. Johnson to continue with his addiction.

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The hospital would start more strict regulations and supervision regarding the administering of narcotics at the hospital. They will also establish a proper mechanism for channeling any information of abuse of drugs at the hospital. They might also start to take professional counseling more seriously for employees with drug problems.

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