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Tobacco Control

Tobacco control is the control of tobacco epidemics by the World Health Organization (WHO) and as such measures and strategies have been politically set to curb these epidemics, (Khoury, 1993). This has been as a result of the increasing number of smokers which is at 1.3 billion globally and the current death rate from smokers standing at 4.9 million people per year. The key elements that are dealt in the international treaty are which are though to contribute to tobacco problems are: advertising, sponsorship and promotion of the products, tobacco packing and labeling, protection of the product form exposure to smoke from tobacco, and lastly those illicit trade transactions carried out in the tobacco product companies.

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There are certain policies that were set by the World Bank as away of controlling the habit of tobacco smoking which include increment of prices through making the tax of these products higher; banning tobacco smoking in public and work places so as to restrict the habit, educating the consumers and the general public on the acquired research findings which should be made available for the public to evaluate and analyze various effects associated with tobacco smoking. It was also recommended that the advertisement and the promotion of the companies dealing with tobacco products be banned including their logos and brand names. As a way forward in creating public awareness Large and direct health warning labels were to be placed on the product covers and on bill boards on streets. Treatment should be accorded to those individuals who dependent on these products and thus access to medication should be highly increased.

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Historical changes have brought about diversity in meaning of this terminology and as such many view it differently depending on the reason as to why they are engaging in that activity/habit. Conceptualizing has sent the increase in scientific literature because of:  the harmful habit of smoking cheap cigarettes; health costs have gone high; and the positive influence that smokers who want to quit have been accorded. Many people have opted to smoke tobacco since they believe that they are medicinal in nature and are better than the new brands of cigarettes in the market. The new products have undergone some processes that are harmful to the human body and with time one starts developing chronic diseases that are very severe and need to be treated at the early stages because prevention is better than cure, (Leverett, 2002). In developing countries, time will come when there will be those individuals who are called hard core smokers since they show greater resistance to all the available resources that are readily available for smoking cessation guide. In other countries, they have been able to designate areas that smokers can use in public places when the urge to smoke becomes to intense to keep in, so as to reduce the harmful effects exposed to the secondary smoker.

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The policies that deal mainly with tobacco products should be adhered to thoroughly so as to keep them in a physical state that is admirable by other smokers and as such they will get the urge of wanting to stop the habit and concentrate on other areas that are going to be helpful to their family, friends and community. Smoking is a bed addiction that is very hard to curb but with determination and perseverance it will be established fully. Tobacco control is significant in public health practice and as such there has grown an urgent need for implementing worldwide strategies for ensuring effective tobacco control that will help in preventing the initiation, quitting and protection of non-smokers. Campaigns are being conducted on a daily basis to enlighten the mass on the importance of taking good care of one’s body or else some of the organs will have to be replaced in future while some will have to be done away with since they will have been severely damaged. Tobacco control will also lead to enabling a working environment that is healthy and active to take on the responsibilities assigned them without worrying that they will not be accomplished in time.

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Public health implications have brought about serious psychological effects especially to those individuals who want to quit the smoking habit. It is very hard for smokers to stop the ingrown habit because they have made it part and parcel of their daily routine and as such cannot afford to live without taking two or three of them in order to quench the thirst they may be feeling at the moment (Henningfield, 1995). To some, the drug has entered into their blood stream and cannot be able to do without them for long time period. It acts as a stabilizer to some of the patients who come to the rehabilitation centers. Some smokers just do it for the fun of it and not because they were in need of it. These individuals do so because they want to imitate those individuals who deal with expensive cigarettes. Health should be the first ting that an individual should bear in mind since there is only one life in this world which has rehearsals at any given time.

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Health professionals have a greater role to play in achieving tobacco control and this is mainly through: offering public education on the harms of smoking, developing tobacco control policy actions, embracing tenants of health professional code of practice on tobacco, protecting the non smokers from the tobacco smoke exposure, regulation of tobacco products. Additionally they will embrace coexistence with the smokers in the society through guidance and counseling so as to promote tobacco free lifestyles and cultures.

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