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Facility planning aims at coming up with facility products that are very effective and conducive with the respective work environment. Great designs have to be based on ergonomic working environments and good interior designs. Facility planning should also consider energy efficiency and ventilation. A good programming technique is worth using and can be incorporated with management to come up with a great architectural plan for your facility (Calvin-Casey, 2011).

To come up with a successful facility, you should begin with a strong foundation as one of the project preparations. An effective architectural plan or program is the basis for good planning and design. You would have to incorporate this with a space definition, the facility utility, and a good budget. These requirements would be the major steps in facility planning (Robart, 2009).

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Requirements for Planning a Facility

In stabling a good facility plan, you need to make considerations on various aspects.

The first step is to establish the goal or objectives of the project. It may be clear that your objective is to come up with a facility that meets all your requirements. If the facility was to meet a customer’s needs, then it is compulsory that it is factored in the plan.

A second step is to collect facts and analyze them. Such facts may include the existing conditions, people’s requirements, and the standards of the space as well as codes of establishing a good facility. The third step would be uncovering any used or existing concept. Once uncovered, the concepts should be tested for efficiency (Glagola, 2002).

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After uncovering the existing concepts, the needs of the facility are determined. This has to go hand in hand with the project costs. One of the key questions includes the cost of the project. The cost has to be analyzed based on the quality, which would influence the project budget. This should also include the space list and the support system. The support system includes the utility matrix. The project should be scheduled to save time (Calvin-Casey, 2011).

Apart from the project scheduling, you will have to state the solution, which includes a summary that covers the entire program. This has to be developed in a narrative form, which could serve as a criterion for evaluating the design of the facility project and its construction.

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Regulatory Requirements and Their Effects on Facility Design

The regulatory requirements include all legal aspects and those of safety issues. Designing a facility has to be based on the issues and the facility project should be laid on the regulations that govern the space of the facility or the project. The facility should consider the environment. This environment would include the physical environment, noise made by the facility and the effect of the facility on other structures. The facility designed should not be noisy to avoid affecting the comfort of other people (Glagola, 2002).

The color to be selected has to be conversant with the needs of the client. This is possible only if the facility is designed for a customer. The noise produced by the facility or during the production of the facility need to be considered, but this depends on the society. Again, the color type may not be specific but can be based on the designer’s decision or clients needs. Such regulatory requirements have impact on the facility such that the designer may not have the freedom to design accordingly. The color may not have any impact on the facility only if it is made for sale. This would be different if made for personal use.

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Type of Equipments Needed

Electronic Items

In coming up with a good facility, there are several electronic facilities that are required. A clock may be required for timing purposes. One has to time the project accurately from the setting up stage to the execution stage. A computer would be the most important electronics equipment since programming on the design would be required. In this case, computer program would be used. For effective calculations, a calculator would be required. However, other tools may be required such as pens, pencils and rulers (Glagola, 2002).

Budget Planning

Any project has to satisfy the budget requirements that are set. A correct budget has to be planed. A budget should cover aspects like cost of materials used, the cost of labour and other tertiary costs. The budget may cover even the risks that may incur. In such a situation, insurance may be used. It would be in a better position to provide compensations for any lose. Budgeting should be time conscious considering that time is also has cost to the project. If planning is done to save time, the budget would be lesser because the daily cost would be reduced (Glagola, 2002).

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Role of Stakeholder

The role of a stakeholder would be to hold the stakes for the people who would be betting against one another, for instance, on the price of the facility. The stakeholder must deliver the stakes to the winner and, in such a case, the winner is the highest bidder. This process of biding is similar to that applied during auctions (Robart, 2009). However, in this case, the person with the best qualifications, including skills and low charges on the project planning and development would be considered.

Good facility planning demands the regulatory issues keenly observed. The final plan should reflect the objectives of the plan. Finally, time is very essential in facility planning because if the plan lingers at one stage then it may not reach the final or the execution stage.

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