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In Pursuit of Physical Wellness

It is a fact that a healthy person is one that is healthy in all aspects of health. Being healthy is not measured in the physical aspect alone. It should be measured in all the dimensions. The dimensions of health apply to men, women and children. Any violation in the functioning of any of the dimensions will affect the weight management of an individual. The dimensions that are associated with health include the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and environment.

Physical health dimension is the management of the physical body of an individual. It affects the weight management. There are many strategies that are used to maintain the weight and lower weight. The abuse of drugs will affect the wellness of the physical health. It is paramount that what we take in should be in tandem with our bodies. With more people being physically fit in a country, the country will invest less in the health care. The money will be channeled to other sectors.

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The spiritual wellness are the principles and the beliefs that give guidance to someone throughout the endeavors of life. There are a number of problems if someone does not live according to what he is supposed to. There are serious problems of interruptions, lack of balance in this issue which may lead someone to passiveness. This is what will cause weight misbalance if the spiritual being is not taken care of. This shows how the two dimensions are connected.

Emotional dimension is connected with spiritual dimension. It is the way someone perceives himself/herself. It also takes into consideration the way someone behaves to avoid stress. Like spiritual management, if someone is does both accept himself, has low self-esteem and does not share the same values with others, then it follows that they will have an effect on the management of weight in the long run.

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The social dimension deals with the relations between the people with the outside world. These are the relations between the person and the family or outside world. The lack of support from these people will make the person to feel they are not loved. Weight management will be affected if any activity is stopped concerning these relations. It is connected to the spiritual being in the sense that if someone is not well socially, they will lose their spiritual beliefs. They will not see the need to have spiritual beliefs; these will be baseless and useless to them.

Mental dimension is yet another aspect of the health dimension. It deals with the intellectual knowledge that needs constant refill. It is this that will bring in the knowledge of having healthy relationship in the social, emotions, physical, and environmental knowledge. The moment that this dimension stops will affect the other aspects to stop functioning, or retarded in the least. Good mental health for many will help them have better political systems as they have the knowledge to improve it (Nielsen, & Popkin, 2003). What is more, with mental health that is sound, people are in a position to bring more innovations to their country. They are also able to bring more food for the country.

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Environmental health is the ability for one to appreciate the environment they are in. they are supposed to protect, improve and preserve the environmental conditions that we are living in. our environment is very important and should be preserved at all costs. Environmental health brings an economical nation. There will be more conducive environment for the growing of cash crops. With more food a country is able to develop and improve the lifestyles of her citizens (Prentice, & Jebb, 2003).

In conclusion, over years the definition of health has changed over years. This is because it has undergone a lot of research over years. The attainment of a balanced health is the dream of anyone. The more closely we are at having a balanced health the more close we are at getting balanced health living. With the dimensions of health well taken care of, it will be possible to attain many as a country. The treasury will deal with other sectors of the economy unlike in the normal cases where they take most of their times taking care of ailments that arise because of poor living conditions.

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Reducing fast food consumption  

I am interested with the physical well being. The area I would like to change is my consumption of fast foods. I would want to reduce and quit taking fast foods eventually. Fast foods are blamed for high fat content. It has received a fair share of blame as the number one cause of obesity. It has therefore been excluded from dietary recommendations. Although this is the case, many citizens, I included, rely on fast foods as a source of meals. It has been found out that the reason for this popularity is the fact that it takes less time and also cheap. If getting rid of fast foods would be hard for me, then I will come up with a menu that will reduce the consumption of fats in my body. I have known to go to the nearest fast food restaurant in town and purchase the fast food that I am interested in. the cost effectiveness of this type of food and the time it takes to get the food makes me to go for this food. What is more, with the portability of fast foods, it makes it appealing for many.

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Warning signs and events that prompted me

I have been unable to climb 50 meters of steep slope of late. Every time I run for, like one minute, I start breathing heavily. This is a worrying trend given the fact that initially I was able to climb hills going for errands. These were the days that shops were far away. The worrying thing is that even when I jog and do some exercises in the morning I still cannot get out of this problem.

Another warning trend is that of problems in breath. Most of the foods I take and the fats they use to make them are high in cholesterol. When I visited the doctor about two weeks ago, on 21st January to be specific, I was told that my veins and arteries are constricting (Bowman, & Vinyard, 2004). It has therefore led to problems in breathing. I find it hard to do tasks that are heavy. With this trend, I cannot stop and watch the mess I am letting my body go through. This must come to an end immediately. Unfortunately, fast foods are the culprits and I have to end it immediately.

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Goal statement

My aim is that I reduce fast food taking from five days a week to 2 days a week in the next 1 month and reduce it to once a month in the next three months eradicating it completely 8 months. By this, I hope to reduce my fat consumption to very low levels.


My plan is that in the first two weeks, I will carry with me ready foods which are nutritional. This will reduce my affinity for the fast food. This will ensure that the appetite for fast food is greatly reduced.  This trend will continue for quite some time until when I have no appetite fro fast food again. I will also make sure that I change the shops where I normally go during lunch time. The area I normally go has many fast food shops. This is tempting for a changing person like me. I will also change the friends I normally go lunch with. The friends I normally go lunch with take chips and kebabs as lunch. I will look for friends who take other types of foods.

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One of the challenges I will face is financial. Compared to other foods, fast foods have been way cheaper for me. This is one of the main reasons I have been taking fast food. This challenge can be avoided by taking with me ready food from home. This will reduce the cost of going out for lunch. Changing friends is another challenge. I will handle this by making sure that I change my timetable so that the time we normally go out I will choose to do other work. This will alienate my friends so that they go out on their own.

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