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Generally, most people consider milk as a good health supplement that provides certain useful body components. However, some people say that milk has its disadvantages, thereby, encouraging people not to take cattle milk.


Milk, not only provides calcium, but also it provides fortified one hundred IU of vitamins per one glass of milk. The vitamin provided by milk and other foodstuff stimulates the absorption of calcium. Milk provides magnesium to the people of America. This helps in building bones, especially in children. Cattle milk provides proteins and saturated fat.

On the other hand, some people argue that milk; makes people fat, especially for children. Some people in America say that most of them become overweight because of milk. Biologically, people think that cow's milk should be for calves just as babies take breast milk. To add on to this milk production leads to climate change because of non-adherence to environmental green (Constantine, 46).

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Despite the fact that milk from cows has its disadvantages, people should not stop drinking milk. Just like other foodstuff, people should drink milk in controllable quantities. Excessive intake can cause overweight. Therefore people should take milk as a daily dietary supplement as recommended by health specialists.

The issue about milk not green for environment will go on even if people stop drinking milk. This will happen because cows have to eat grass and must exist. Therefore, when people stop drinking milk, little or no effect will happen to the environment.

Milk contains many nutrients helpful for human beings irrespective of age. Besides this, people do not drink all the milk that cows produce. Calves get some of it. Calves should not drink all cows' milk because excessive milk for them, especially the first two months is detrimental to the health of calves. Excessive milk for calves makes them diarrhoea making them weak.

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People can control most of the disadvantages that come with milk, for instance overweight.


Milk helps most people by offering them with nutrients. Despite the fact that milk has its disadvantages, people should continue drinking milk.

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