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Western Diet

Technology today is at its peak, with all the supercomputers, robots, nanotechnology, processed foods. Even in the food industries, innovations does not stop growing and growing every day. The changes in the environment brought forth extreme evolution in the agricultural and livestock fields. Today, even goats can be cloned. No wonder different kinds of fatal diseases emerge from these situations. Magnanimous evolution in the environment is reflected in the way people live. Their lifestyles, how they dress, how they speak and how they eat represent the environment that we have today. The way we eat is an important depiction of how people live their lives and we can even compare it to how people were hundreds of years back. Today, Western diet which is the most popular dietary pattern for developed countries and also for developing countries has many negative consequences regarding health issues. In this paper, I will discuss Western diet as I see it and how I feel about it.

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Western diet is a dietary pattern which consists of fast food, junk food, sugars, unhealthy meat, high in fat foods, refined foods and other foods that are instant. It is the exact opposite of a "healthy" diet. Personally, I am not a fan of Western diet because I acknowledge and I stand to the fact that Western diet will kill you once it becomes your lifestyle. I also eat instant foods sometimes, but I make sure that I limit myself to only a small portion of my diet. Occasionally, I eat fast foods; also I always check what my body digests.

Personally, I will not have difficulties in rejecting Western diet because I acknowledge the importance of my health and body. I am not dependent on a Western diet that is why emotionally, I will not have a hard time rejecting Western diet. Analyzing situations financially, socially, and culturally, there will be some minimal difficulties that may arise in choosing to reject the Western diet. Financially, in the world today, from my observations, the healthier the food, the more expensive it becomes. For example, a burger at McDonald's is cheaper than a healthy vegetarian burger in a specialty store. In choosing to refuse Western diet and choose a healthy diet, the expenses will be much greater. Socially, most people today patronize Western diet; socializing with them maybe difficult because of the different lifestyles. My lifestyle may not suit them, vice versa. Culturally, today's culture accepts Western diet as the majority diet; choosing to live healthy can create a thought that I am self-preserved creating mass negative thinking.

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Going to hundreds of years back, at the time of our caveman ancestors, food for them is fresh meat and freshly harvested greens. There are no preservatives or chemicals that are added to the food. This makes a very healthy diet. I will have no difficulties in eating like the way our ancestors did in terms of the chemicals and preservatives that are added to food today. Like for example, the Japanese diet of fresh seafood like sushi, this is proven in their long life spans. Therefore, I believe that eating like our ancestors will not be very difficult for me.

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