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Case Study 5 Ann

Ann has a high probability of acquiring cardiovascular disease. The fact that she is 58 years old means that she is in her menopausal period that comes with risks including those of cardiovascular disease. Higher HDL cholesterol levels lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but in this case, Ann has a low HDL cholesterol level and high LDL level coupled with elevated levels of triglycerides, is an indication that that she is at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Low fasting glucose levels are recommended to reduce chances of cardiovascular disease. Ann has abnormally high fasting glucose levels showing that she is at a higher risk of heart disease. High body fat content also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The acceptable body fat composition for women should be between 25-31% anything above this, puts the person at high risk of heart disease. Ann has a body fat composition of 36% meaning that she is at risk of cardiovascular disease (Welson 2006).

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High triglycerides and elevated insulin 2hr PP are an indication of insulin resistance syndrome that signals the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Food is usually absorbed into the blood stream in form of sugars like fats and glucose. Increase in glucose in the blood stream stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin hormone that removes glucose from blood to be used for energy generation. During insulin resistance, there is a diminished ability by the body to respond to the action of insulin hormone, in response, the pancreas secretes more insulin increasing sugar concentration in blood and therefore increasing risks of heart disease. Ann should use metformin, actos, and avandia, drugs that are approved to treat insulin resistance. They make the body become sensitive to insulin actions. She should also use multiple drugs like cholesterol-lowering drugs or anti-hypertensive drugs that help in treating other conditions that come with insulin resistance syndrome. She should eat well and exercise (Welson 2006).

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Ann has an average basal body temperature of 96. This is below the normal basal body temperature that should range from 97.8-98.2, indicating that Ann may be having a thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid releases hormones that influence many functions of the body such as growth and development, body metabolism, organ function, puberty, fertility, and body temperature. The functions largely depend on two important hormones, the triiodothyronine (T3), and the thyroxine (T4). These hormones determine how fast or how slow body organs should work. Ageing is associated with increased prevalence of thyroid auto antibodies and subclinical hypothyroidism. This means that too little thyroid hormones means that body organs will not work as fast and therefore slows down body metabolism causing premature ageing of cells (Welson 2006)

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The Human Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland. The somatotroph cells in the pituitary gland are the ones that synthesize, store and secrete HGH. It is referred to as the master hormone because it aids in many body functions like cell repair and generation, and also bone, muscle and cartilage growth. Traditional HGH injections are used to increase its concentration in the body. This is too expensive and needs constant medical supervision. A safer HGH therapy is through the use of supplements which contain little or no HGH but are only used to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce the hormone naturally. As people grow older, there is a reduction in the production of HGH, when this happens, growth of body organs and therefore their subsequent regeneration stops. Body parts like bones start wearing out and weakening leading a condition known as osteoporosis which simply means porous bones, bones become less dense. It is therefore majorly caused by hormonal disorders (Jordin 2010).

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