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Health Lifestyles

In a century of tremendous change, where people are at risk of contracting a variety of diseases and infections, healthy living should be everyone's desire. The serving size is one of the most important information to look at when interpreting nutrition information on labeled foods. It allows you to compare foods of similar kind so easily so as to choose that with the lowest calories and fats. Another very important aspect of food is the fiber content. Fiber is a very important ally in weight loss. If you want to lose weight then you better consume more of this. Foods with high fiber content are bulkier making you feel full on consumption of very few calories (MyPyramid.ov). It is therefore important to look out for terms like 'enriched' which means that the food like bread has low fiber since it's made from processed white flour. Therefore, it means that the nutrients were removed and then replaced synthetically. Fredrick (2006) is of the idea that, when you see the word wheat on any food stuff, then it means that it's processed from whole wheat. The only convincing way to determine the amount of fiber content in a food staff is by checking the fiber content on the nutrition fact panel (p. 236).

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You can use this information to improve your nutrition by strictly observing the kinds of food you eat as stipulated in the pyramid. A healthful diet is central to healthy living. This means that the information is very important in directing individuals on what kind of foods they should eat in each of their meals so as to remain healthy and strong. In the same way, this information has enabled me to understand that some of the foods I ate in the past three days were not healthy diet. These include ready to drink juices and several eggs and chips. A healthful diet is not supposed to contain so much cholesterol and eggs are one major source of cholesterol. Chips are also deep fried with a lot of fat and fats contain cholesterol (Fredrick, 2006, p. 236). Similarly, ready to drink juices are processed with chemicals and these chemicals are dangerous to the body.

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Alternative foods that should be consumed instead of the above mentioned foods are fresh fruits and vegetables which are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants which protects the body against diseases like cancer. Whole grains such as wheat items are also good sources of carbohydrates to the body (Fredrick, 2006, p. 237).

Some of the ways to motivate a relative to participate in physical exercising is by informing him about both the advantages of exercising and the disadvantages of not exercising. This will make him consider the importance of engaging in physical exercise because he will have understood its importance. According to Corbin, Corbin & Lindsey (2006), the second means is by taking him along every time you go for physical exercises and teach him a few skills each time. He will definitely feel encouraged to come along because of the company he will receive (p.78).

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The greatest stressor in life is procrastinating until the last moment before I start hurrying up and down at the last minute to accomplish certain tasks. The best technique that could help in coping with this problem is scheduling or having a work plan and sticking to the schedule. It is therefore all about discipline. It would be a good idea for my partners in a personal relationship to keep on reminding me in case I forget to follow my schedule. Similarly, partners in a professional relationship could help by providing a humble time for my job without interference. This could be through maintaining silence during work time so that I could concentrate on my work (Corbin, Corbin & Lindsey, 2006, p. 76).

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Anorexia is an example of an eating disorder and is characterized by emaciation, extremely disturbing eating disorder, intense fear of gaining weight, dry yellow skin, low blood pressure, a drop in the body temperature and a persistent pursuit of thinness (Maj & Halmi, 2003, p. 34). Most people with this disorder feel overweight and therefore cut down on the amount of food they eat to reduce their body size. An individual with anorexia definitely weighs himself or herself regularly. The greatest danger of this disorder is that people living with it are ten times more likely to die from an attack of a small illness because their body does not have the immunity and strength to fight with the disease. Anorexia is most prevalent in female because of their desire to check their body weight in the name of keeping fit.

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