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California Gold Rush

I remember vividly that day, February 18, 1849. It was the day when I packed my belongings on a mission to change my life and that of my family. In fact, few days prior to my trip, I could have hardly thought that I started somewhere to look for a new hope and life. It was at this time that all the glitz and glamour were at California. The discovering of gold at Coloma, California, caused a shiver in all our country. This astounded news went around that people from far and wide were flocking to California to get their piece of precious metal. When all this merry was flying around, I thought to myself that I always wanted the best for me and for my family, my wife Annabel and little Amy, my daughter. I made up my mind not to lose such opportunity. The hard part was to leave my family, my lovely wife and my little girl. It was a real torment for me. To tell the truth, I was in two judgments. Our family did not have enough money for my trip, and I did not want to leave my girls alone, without my help and guidance. I was worried but took all my courage and strength to start a new life. I could not cope with all this without the support and love of my Annabel. She was worried of the mammoth responsibilities I had bestowed on her, taking care of the large farm and our little girl, Amy.

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February 18, 1849, was a day that would be etched in my mind forever as I took part and joined others in the arduous journey to California. Along the way as I made the inter-state trek, I met thousands of the 49ers who had the same mission as I did. A month later, me together with other fellow 49ers arrived to the place of our hopes. We were tired and almost cash-strapped as everything along the way to California was expensive, many small businesses were cashing on the influx of people from all over the places who were days away from changing their lives for good. To my mind, the American dream was here and was what I always anticipated but again knew it was not a small feat. Armed with all my paraphernalia, I can only reminisce how hard and treacherous the journey was and how I managed to gain my small piece of this big American dream.

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