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Conscription as a form of capitalism was used by the bourgeoisies to gain power and control of a society. I do not believe in the necessity to allow young energetic men who have families to take care of to be allowed to go to war and risk their lives. If a nation is at war, everyman and woman in the society should take part in the war at whatever position even at the war front. In any case, war should be a conflict that bares positive values and not one that leads to wastage the world’s natural resources. Going to war should only mean that a country is defending its territory and working on something that adds value to the nation. There should be no reason therefore for supporting and wasting resources in fighting war that is dangerous and one that causes suffering with little gain.

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According to Charles Rangel, many Americans have already been killed in Iraqi war and thousands more crippled and wounded because of several other wars. Furthermore, it is evident now that hundred more Americans will experience strange and new deadly warfare related illnesses that are yet to be recognized. Americans were made to believe that they should support the war against Saddam Hussein because he was involved in producing weapons of mass destruction. Additionally, the war was also meant to confront al Qaeda since America’s national security was said to depend on it (Courtland, 2006). All these dangers that were asserted by the government were later found not to exist. The government then made it to look like if one does not support the Iraqi invasion, then they were non-patriotic. The invasion only happened because of U.S desire to have and control all the oil fields and a common goal to redraw borders of many countries of the Middle East.

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American government ignored the 13th Amendment of the constitution by making the draft reinstate the implicit prohibition of an unconscious service. This was done with the main purpose of getting more young people to join the army. This practice ignored the constitution and it is now evident that few Americans will challenge the constitutionality of the upcoming draft (Courtland, 2006). Recruitment of the young is motivated by unpopular wars since true and defensive genuine warfare gains massive support from all (Courtland, 2006). In the long run, the constitution may turn out to be a deadly and degrading weapon since the young and active population would be forced to commit their lives to the unworthy cause of unpopular war.

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Critics of war say that countries wage war claiming to promote peace while in actual sense the price of war is rarely weighed against unachieved attempt to make the world a better place for mankind. To justify that conscription promotes an individual’s freedom is a weird notion since it is a form of forced servitude whose price is a risk of death or permanent injuries on ones limp. It therefore makes no sense to claim otherwise since we do not have the right to sacrifice the lives of others for unpopular cause.

Draft changes only hit the young energetic population while protecting the elites who dodge the risk of war. It is a common knowledge that the economic hardships people face after a great war is far worse and cannot be reduced. War cannot benefit any society except few individuals who only benefit from the expenses incurred by those fighting. The most visible outcome is forcing the youth to fight for the sake of the country by luring them with hefty packs of money. It therefore becomes a common knowledge that a government willing to line up its citizens on the war front cannot be trusted to protect the people’s freedom.

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